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Claude-Joseph Vernet - A Calm at a Mediterranean Port

Prepared!: On the Water

Inevitably adventurers will be on a boat. Your party cannot be bound to land forever, and whether traveling by sturdy merchant ship or hastily constructed raft, you’ll need to fill some gaps. Prepared! has two water-logged scenarios ready to emerge from the rising waves and strong currents of your watery settings. The Big One That …

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Francisco de Goya: The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Prepared!: Not-Quite-Right Magical Treasures

For every successfully enchanted sword, there are a score sputtering failures. A ring of great power must have several nearly mundane cousins—more suited to a smelter than a wizard’s finger. Sometimes your party’s actions deserve a reward that is heavy in flavor but light in power. Today, Prepared! brings you two items from the catalog …

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The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone by Thomas Moran


So your players went off on a tangent… We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s unavoidable; you’re staring at ten single-spaced pages of adventure you wrote last week and your party just walked… right… by. Prepared! offers you solutions to player tangents while you figure out your next move. Unexpected traveling can be a stressful situation …

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