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Prepared!: Battle Expressions

Prepared!: Battle Expressions

Battle of Grunwald by Jan Matejko (1878)As GMs, we often craft dialogue and monologues for our beloved NPCs as they guide our party through the world. We give them life through these exchanges and strive to maintain consistency when the party interacts with them. It can be hard maintaining the right flavor in conversations that go off script. The most rousing pre-battle speech loses lustre if in the heat of action the NPC yells, “Get him…now…go do it!” Prepared! is here to keep the flavor fresh with these pitch perfect battle expressions.

Inspiring Leader

Losing the Battle: Be not satisfied with such middling effort. Spit your cowardice upon the enemy’s boots so that they might tread in it!

Surprise: Sky to earth! Do not let the unforeseen sway you.

Rallying Cry: Sisters and brothers, see now the face of our true enemy: fear! Swell upon them as a crushing wave. Together! Forward!

Upon Victory: Our enemy is no more. Look at those standing beside you—remember their faces. We are all strengthened by this victory.

Blood-Encrusted Veteran

Losing the Battle: I didn’t split the skulls of giants to die a trembling reed!

Surprise: By the blood, what shape of hell is this?

Rallying Cry: All is blood and time! We have had our fill of neither! Fight! Fight!

Upon Victory: There it is…I missed it so; no bedmate can compete with the beauty of a fleeing and sundered foe.

Cunning and Vicious Strategist

Losing the Battle: Now we must discard the chains of propriety. Cut fast and wickedly such that their ancestors bleed anew in their graves.

Surprise: There, what new twist comes up from the shadows?

Rallying Cry: Let the gods turn their heads in shame, they are mere spectators. Be monstrous! Be victorious!

Upon Victory: Our plan brings us victory. The cost? Well I’d rather be alive and accused than dead and virtuous.

Powerful Elementalist

Losing the Battle: The hardest stone wears to nothing if the water is patient and moving. Keep patient—keep moving.

Surprise: The sun has seen something new today!

Rallying Cry: Yes, Yes! The sky cracks like stone. Here is the storm—here is the nightmare!

Upon Victory: Though the footprints of this battle will fade, we have left an immortal mark on the earth. Keep the storm in your heart; ride it home when this life ends.

Faith-Filled Devout

Losing the Battle: Signs of defeat? This? This is a pebble’s ripple upon an ocean. Maker hear me! Maker see us!

Surprise: Be not shaken! Hold to the form of your faith!

Rallying Cry: Maker strengthen our resolve! Set our innards aflame that when we are cut, our very blood burns our enemies!

Upon Victory: The mystery is revealed; to doubt is to be defeated, to cause doubt in the enemy is the ultimate victory.

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