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John Everett Millais - Ophelia

In Memoriam: Obituaries for Four Imprudently Optimized Pathfinder PCs

Let’s take a moment to remember those brave souls who are no longer with us. They were so full of life when penciled onto their character sheets and brimming with synergistic crunch. Now struck down before their time. Some found themselves in the wrong type of campaign while others just weren’t cut out for the …

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Six Feats for Maximizing Scrolls and Potions

In “Magical Trinkets,” I explored how to use the Pathfinder magic item creation rules to create non-consumable rewards suitable for low-level characters, but what about consumable items? Magic potions and scrolls are staples of gaming and fantasy lore. And for all the tricks to reduce the value of a permanent magic item, a potion or …

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Magical Trinkets

Compared to high-level characters, low-level ones are poor, and the rewards for their efforts meager. Slaying that ogre might have been a great challenge for an intrepid group of 2nd-level adventurers, but its treasure hoard isn’t anything to write home about—coins, an acid flask, some semi-precious gems, and another scroll of cure light wounds. The …

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Giant Scorpion

In the old days, giant killer scorpions didn’t throw lightning bolts and fireballs. They had to rely merely on bone-snapping pincers and flesh-melting venom. Pine for those simpler days of bloodshed no more! ___ Nature DC 15—Giant scorpions hunt at night, using their large claws to hold prey while injecting paralytic poison. They typically eat …

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