Audio for “Patronage & Kickstarter” Seminar

Audio for “Patronage & Kickstarter” Seminar

Ok, we promised you some audio for this, and thanks to Neostrider, we now have the full audio for this seminar!

The participants included Wolfgang Baur, Greg Stolze, Gary M. Sarli, and Daniel Solis.

[gplayer href=”″ ]Patronage and Kickstarter- How to Get Paid Up Front[/gplayer]

3 thoughts on “Audio for “Patronage & Kickstarter” Seminar”

  1. Did anyone get one of the business cards that can post a photo of one? Hearing about them made me wonder what they looked like. :)

  2. Would love to listen to this, but do not have very good speakers on my Computer nor very good ears on my head. There for, I request a Link for a Downloadable version that I may listen to on my MP3 Player whose Headphones I can crank up to the point I can hear it clearly. Thank You in advance:)


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