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Advanced Races: Centaurs—Available Now!

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Advanced Races: CentaursSpeed and thunder!

Centaurs grab life with gusto and drain it to the lees. Traveling, fighting, eating, drinking—whatever they do, they do it with vigor. Born with grace befitting human royalty but possessed of the fierce savagery of wild horses, centaurs present unique opportunities for roleplaying and adventure!

Advanced Races: Centaurs gives you everything you need to play a centaur adventurer from one of the three known hordes: the savage Oyun, the nature-loving Ganzorig, or the mystical Yul. This 15-page sourcebook by designer Karen McDonald includes:

  • 11 new centaur racial traits including Fearless Marauder, Fey Upbringing, and Sage
  • 7 new feats including Brutal Battering, Iron Hooves, and Wind’s Fury
  • 3 new archetypes: Green Witch, Oyun Wrestler, and Redegiver
  • 4 new spells and 4 new magic items
  • Alseid and oinataur variants
  • And much more!

Listen closely, adventurer—the wind is rising, evil is abroad, and the horde is ready to ride! Advanced Races: Centaurs is sure to make you want to try out this unique race in your next game.

Available now at DriveThru RPG and RPGNow. Available soon from Paizo!


  1. Years and years ago I ran centaurs as being based on the Mongol or Scythian hordes of Earth’s history. I can’t wait to delve into this for more inspiration!


    January 14, 2014

  2. Still doing a very undignified happy dance =). Became more intense with a good review!

    Karen McDonald

    January 15, 2014

  3. Very nice. Centaurs in my Midgard game are medium sized and take a feat to become large and gain a 40 ft. move. I like what you’ve done here though. The racial traits for the Alseid and Oinataur don’t have speeds listed, are they 30 ft.?


    January 16, 2014

  4. 40; since they’re quadrupeds they get +10 movement.

    Karen McDonald

    January 16, 2014

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