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A Kobold Thanksgiving

A Kobold Thanksgiving

Kobold Thanksgiving
Kobolds are strange creatures. Full of tricks and traps, and then, one day, they get all mushy. Today’s that day. Here’s our Thanksgiving list, and you’re at the top.

We’re thankful to our customers, each and everyone one of you who sent a few dollars our way. That vote of cash and confidence allows us to pay our contributors and our printing bills, and keeps us out of debtor’s prison. Thank you. Seriously.

We’re thankful for our writers, artists, and cartographers. Do we have to explain this? We should. Without your vision, your creativity, and your drive, we wouldn’t have a magazine, adventures, or sourcebooks.

We’re thankful for our editors and layout designers. You give the work of those writers and artists and mappers a keener edge, a spin, a twist, and — sometimes — a little more than a just a quick polish. Thank you for making it look good and making it look easy.

We’re thankful for the folks who visited us at Gen Con and Paizo Con, and the volunteers who made it possible for us to actually, you know, entertain the public in a somewhat professional manner with a minimum of weasel-handling accidents. Customers lost hardly any fingers, and kobolds enjoyed the chance to meet so many of you. Wait, that sounds wrong. Not sure why.

We’re thankful for our printers. For putting marks on paper, and for not being in China. For delivering good-looking magazines, to spec, on time. Thank you.

We’re thankful for everyone who stuck up for the little guys. Thank you for making this a thoroughly wonderful, enjoyable, and exciting year. The kobolds hope that your year has been filled with things to be thankful for.

All right, folks, let’s eat! Pass the cornbread and the battered badger. Minions are starving from the speechifying. What can we pass your way?

7 thoughts on “A Kobold Thanksgiving”

  1. Thankful to KQ as a medium for spreading and serving the hobby, and as a vehicle for me to sometimes share my visions with others. Thanks for creating work of high quality all this time!

  2. True fact– that’s not a turkey, but a specially prepared gnome.

    Right. I meant “a lie.” It’s not a specially prepared gnome. They eat those raw. ;)

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