We Are Delighted to Announce…

We Are Delighted to Announce…

We raise our kazoos high in song to celebrate our very own Streaming & Video Producer, Dot, as she makes the transition to full-time Kobold.

Dot has been the face of the company on Kobold Press’s Twitch channel since the Fall of 2020, where she hosts Kobold Chats and conducts terrific interviews with guests, organizes and participates in thrilling Actual Play adventure campaigns, and generally keeps the lights, cameras, and action going in the studio. As Kobold Press has grown, the need for an expanded presence in the streaming media space has grown with it, and Dot is more than up to the challenge. We are delighted to welcome her into this more prominent role within the warrens.

Please join us in congratulating Dot and keep watching our Twitch channel to see what new and exciting events she has planned.

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