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Treasure Tables: A Little Something Extra

Treasure Tables: A Little Something Extra

Kafanov FlaskFrom time to time, it can be useful to hide goods or information, especially in areas rife with adventurers. If you find yourself in need of something with some wiggle room, use the following table to add a little variety to your loot or let it serve as inspiration for a story hook. The value of the items can vary at the GM’s discretion but are suitable replacements for a quest reward or as the centerpiece for a particular type of collection, although they could be worth anything to the right person. You can roll randomly for a result below using the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d20. You can also pick one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

1. A pair of ruby-studded gold bangles, the interior engraved with tiny flowing script too small to read with the naked eye.

2. An ornate bronze tube, capped on each end with polished horn and wrapped tightly with thick red cord.

3. A tiny finch made of overlapping metal plates. A gentle tug on its tail causes it to unfold into the shape of a small flower. Touching the center of the flower causes it to reconfigure into the shape of a small lizard.

4. A tightly rolled vellum scroll, apparently blank on both sides, but with a deep blue shimmer as it catches the light.

5. A simple clay pin in the shape of a human face. Its eyes dart about and its mouth moves as though attempting to speak.

6. A large pink cube with slots on two sides. Anything placed within the cube emerges from the opposite slot as a cookie.

7. A small brown leather bag contains a double handful of black shale shards that ring like coins as it moves about.

8. A polished marble model of a human heart, nearly the size of your head. It looks like a single, solid piece but weighs next to nothing.

9. A convoluted system of brass tubes and dials containing several lenses and polished mirrors. Peering into one end reveals that the entire system does nothing to change what you see through the tube.

10. A small, inverted L-shaped machine with a hand crank on one end. The crank seems to power a rather intricate system on the other end consisting of several delicate metal plates and a tiny needle.

11. A round, red wicker box containing a handful of steaming hot dumplings. They smell fresh and delicious.

12. An intricate metal contraption which clamps to a table top and consists of a small vise, several articulated arms with lenses, clamps, and unidentified doodads. The entire thing is covered in small coils and loops as though to hold a vast array of tiny tools.

13. A life-like painting of a skull on black canvas with intricate embroidery decorating every surface of the skull and tiny silk flowers sewn throughout the surface.

14. A polished jade hair band studded with tiny black stones which sparkle with a faint, internal light.

15. A collection of small pastel spheres made of some tightly packed powdery substance with a cloying floral scent.

16. A slick, polished cane with a ferocious sea monster’s head modeled on the top. A hidden trigger causes the monster’s mouth to open and close.

17. A slate-grey box covered in tiny blinking lights. Along one edge is a panel which folds down to reveal a seemingly random assortment of letters and numbers on individual buttons opposite smooth black glass.

18. A padded trunk that contains a device to extend and display several small drawers when the trunk is opened. Beneath the display drawers are several additional removable padded drawers, all of which contain neatly sorted tiny decorative beads and wires.

19. A simple silver mirror that shows a perfect reflection delayed by several seconds.

20. A soft fur stole lined with black satin. Something solid has been sewn within the lining at one end.

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