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The Right Tools for the Job

The Right Tools for the Job


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For Campaign Builder: Dungeons & Ruins, Kobold Press wanted to return to the roots of TTRPG classic locales to ensure that your dungeons bring as much delight as your dragons.

Whether you’re building trap-filled vaults, adding defenses to a lair, or hiding clues within the ruins of an ancient civilization, Campaign Builder: Dungeons and Ruins has everything you need to put the dungeon back in your dungeon crawls

No matter where you are in the life cycle of being a game master, at some point in your planning and creative process, you’re going to need help—especially if you want to raise the stakes for your players and keep things interesting. Maybe you’re creatively drained. Maybe traps and puzzles aren’t your thing. Or maybe you don’t know where to start building a dungeon. Trust us, you aren’t the only one.

When faced with the task of building a home, the carpenter ensures that their toolbox is full of all the tools. You can’t hammer a nail with a screwdriver, and you can’t take down a wall without a pry bar.

Having the right tool for the right job, even if you don’t plan to use it, is imperative for the efficiency and success of the build. 

Campaign Builder: Dungeons & Ruins is that toolkit for game masters. It’s filled to the brim with tools to get the job done at a moment’s notice, so you’ll never be without the right tool at your table again.

Did you forget to place a trap on the vault? Grab a trap like the Shock Lock and install it with ease. Saddened by lackluster lair defenses? Construct a deadlier option quickly using our pre-generated ideas. Need dungeon-delving character options for your players? There’s no need to homebrew —we’ve provided eight new subclasses and five new backgrounds prime for dungeoneering-focused heroes. Or all out of exciting quest ideas? Pull the perfect plot hook and treasures to keep your players engaged. Because with Campaign Builder: Dungeons and Ruins, your GM toolkit has the right tool for the job.

Chest Trap

Don’t believe us? Hear what this coven of witches says about their latest renovations using Dungeons & Ruins.

And make sure to grab the free 12-page Dungeons and Ruins Preview PDF and check out a variety of our ready-made traps, devious devices, and a complete Table of Contents that you can start using today!

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