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The Random GM: the Quick Work table to create an NPC elf

The Random GM: the Quick Work table to create an NPC elf

You tossed an elf into the background of a scene and now one of your players wants to talk to them. You did not prepare for this. You’re about to name an elf “Bob” just to keep things moving.

No wait, if you do that, the players will make Bob their new best friend and then a lame elf named Bob will become a central figure to your whole campaign. You know how players are. You need to get on top of this now.

Don’t panic. Roll 3d20 and consult the Quick-Work Elf table. You’ll make quick work of finding a name for your background elf, their non-adventuring elfy job, and some character hook that you can play up—all in the time it takes for your players to get nervous about why you’re rolling d20s behind the screen. You can also just pick something; no one’s watching. Just make it something you like.

After that, your new elf can steer the players back toward the action. And if the players take a liking to this one, you can build on it without slapping your forehead every time someone wants to talk to that elf they met that one time.

Quick-Work Elf

1AerilwenWoodworkerLikes to talk about elven history and lore
2SylvandelWeaverWhile trancing, sometimes seems to channel another voice or being
3ElarianaMusicianStudies stars both for practical navigation and divination purposes
4ThalorienScoutPrefers to be in a tree if nothing pressing is happening on the ground
5ArivaelArboristHas a facial birthmark that portends a destiny
6ElindorHunterObserves lunar cycles closely
7LirivianFalconerKnows a dozen languages
8AeloriaHerbalistGreets trees as though they are friends
9GalanarisSculptorCan see and speak with spirits
10ThalvionArcherLaughs musically at events
11ElenariaFarmerSeems unbothered by anything bad that happens
12FarandilMerchantKnows scandalous gossip and wants to tell you . . . but no! they shouldn’t . . .
13SelavionBookbinderCasts a nonviolent cantrip every chance they get
14AlarielEnchanterSeems burdened by the weight of years
15ElowynHealerWears an outrageous hat; changes the subject if it comes up
16ThalorianGuard/soldierVery into dwarves and dwarven culture; grows a wispy beard
17NivalisRitualkeeperCarries a handful of wildflowers; gives them to people
18LyraelScribeCan speak to birds
19ArandorLeatherworkerBreathtakingly graceful in movements
20SilvianaLayaboutEveryone seems to know and like them

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