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The Magic Circle: Lesser Curse (Part 2)

The Magic Circle: Lesser Curse (Part 2)

witchContinuing from last week’s lesser curse with more than 40 new minor curses:

  1. Loses all sense of hygiene
  2. Loses all sense of modesty
  3. Large warts (-1 charisma)
  4. Acquires a rare, but harmless, skin disease (-1 charisma)
  5. Drools constantly
  6. Stutters constantly
  7. Enlarged body part (e.g. ears, nose, chin, feet, hands)
  8. Becomes a pathological liar (will always tell an untruth, even if it is pointless or harmful to do so)
  9. Is convinced a common inanimate object is a beloved pet or advisor; talks to it all the time
  10. Loses at all games of chance…
  11. Obsession (Cleanliness—always washing and avoiding other’s “germs”; Food item; Shiny things; Tidiness—hates messes and will “tidy up” after battles; Wealth acquisition; or Grammar—always corrects others)
  12. Sings whenever speaking
  13. Contrariness (will disagree or contradict any request or proposal but is easily fooled by “Reverse Psychology”)
  14. Has to “go” every 15 minutes
  15. Has to write down everything that happens in a journal
  16. Thinks is invisible … but is not
  17. Cannot say any word that begins with the letter “D”
  18. Blinks constantly
  19. Only speaks in questions
  20. Phobia (PC is shaken whenever confronted by phobia, such as heights, darkness, vermin, reptiles, water , aberrations, undead, spellcasters, outsiders)
  21. Indecisive: PC declares action for combat turn and rolls a die; if low, PC must change action to something else
  22. All hair falls out
  23. Insists on going barefoot all the time
  24. Can never finish a sentence (others have to help)
  25. Has to use “Huzzah!” in every sentence
  26. Equipment wears out twice as fast
  27. Nearsighted: -2 ranged attack, x2 range penalties
  28. Farsighted: cannot read books
  29. Grumpy: -1 to Charisma-based checks
  30. Narcoleptic: -2 perception, -4 saves vs. sleep
  31. Hiccups constantly: -1 stealth, -1 to charisma based checks
  32. Sneezes frequently: -1 stealth, -1 to charisma based checks
  33. Sweats profusely
  34. Becomes hard of hearing:  -2 initiative
  35. Stutters: +20% spell failure
  36. Bad Luck: -1 to all d20 rolls
  37. Sickly: -4 to saves against disease
  38. Clumsy: -2 on reflex saves and Dexterity checks
  39. Insecure: -4 to saves against fear
  40. Jinxed! 50% chance of -1 to any skill check rolled by any companion within 50 ft. (have the player throw a “jinx die” in front of the player making the skill check, if it comes up low, he’s jinxed!
  41. Sleepless (fatigued all the time)
  42. Drained: loses 1 hp per character level until lesser curse is removed

(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible)

3 thoughts on “The Magic Circle: Lesser Curse (Part 2)”

  1. Excellent list! Years ago I started to compile a list of alternate curses, as I truly love curses, but mine petered out between a dozen and twenty. I want to find that list and add these for my game. Thanks!

  2. Very nice! I’m looking to create a darker, grittier feel to my next campaign, and I think this will help. I’m going to combine a Thieves’ World/Lankhmar type setting with more of a sandbox approach. Throw in lots of palm readers/cult religions, and rarity/fear of magic and I think I have a vibe my players will really like. This Lesser Curse spell will fit in well!


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