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Tales of the Old Margreve Now Available

Tales of the Old Margreve Now Available

Wild Man of the WoodsWe crept into the dark forest. We learned its secrets and we took its trees.

We carved our words of magic and our words of warning on their skin. And we waited for others to repeat our ritual. Now, finally, our dark and daring deed has borne fruit.

Tales of the Old Margreve has returned from the printer.
Available now in dead tree (and if you’re lucky, without a sap demon in tow) and in PDF!

Tales of the Old Margreve is a gazetteer and 8 adventure anthology that takes GMs and players into the darkness of an Old World forest. Here, ancient memories linger in the rings of trees. Here, the spells of Baba Yaga’s sisters chase each other through the dark fingers of the canopy. Here, those who disrespect the Old Ways are never seen again.

As lead designer and compiler of incredible ideas from a talented group of patrons, I couldn’t be more proud to announce the availability of the print and PDF versions of this project. Tales of the Old Margreve has met my goal to reignite the fear, mystery, and wonder of the most classic fantasy environment of all—the deep dark forest.

Tales includes adventures written by veteran game designers and horror masters like Richard Pett. It features a multitude of forest locations and adventure hooks, a dozen nightmare creatures inspired by Eastern European folklore, and newly-woven Old World magic spells.

I hope you’ll have a look for yourself, and discover the dangers we’ve planted for you in this vast, unexplored wood.

11 thoughts on “Tales of the Old Margreve Now Available”

  1. Just being able to work with great designers like Tim Connors and Richard Pett made this project fantastic! And I learned so much! Like how to avoid sentence fragments… :) Thank you again, Tim, for this wonderful experience! I’ve learned so much about adventure design and met some wonderful gamers as well!

  2. Cool. Quick question – I was a senior patron on this, but was unable to contribute due to other projects.

    Does my patronage grant me a hard copy or PDF? Same applies to Courts.

    Look forward to throwing some of this stuff at my players!

  3. @James, glad you enjoyed it, and yeah, there is a bit of learning-by-osmosis every time. :)

    @Matthew, your patronage grants you a PDF and a heavily-discounted print copy (a couple preorder notices are probably in your inbox somewhere).

    Major donors and sponsors get their print copies free as part of their support.

    Would love to hear what happens when your players run into some of this!

  4. Right back at you James! Who can claim to be a true master of game design? I think everyone, myself included, learned a lot on this project. The power of synergistic design is what Open Design is all about. It’s been my privilege to be a part of it. Can’t wait to hear the tales of others as they adventure in the deep Margreve.

  5. Just had a peek inside, Sultan! Looks like great fun. If I had two minutes to rub together, I’d be joining your trip to the Eye of the Forest Coaching Inn.

  6. Can’t wait to feast my seventeen eyes upon it, I had so much fun playing with ideas with you fine fellows and ladies. Its been a great and highly enjoyable learning experience once again.

    Thank you very much for having me along.


  7. A little margreve love posted up at Paizo under product discussion to let people know the print edition is now out.

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