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Monsters of the Greek Heroic Age: Manticore

Monsters of the Greek Heroic Age: Manticore

Martigora EngravingAll heroes need foes to vanquish. Myths from a variety of ancient cultures involve people overcoming great odds to save their loved ones, to fight against the whims of gods, and to defeat the minions of those gods. This article introduces foes from classic tales of Greek mythology to Green Ronin’s Dragon Age system. Some will seem familiar. Some will have a different twist than you may have seen previously in other fantasy roleplaying games. They can be used as is for many campaign settings or you can re-skin them for use in Thedas.

I have tried to keep to the classical characteristics of the monsters described below as opposed to regurgitate characteristics shown in other roleplaying games. However, the recorded myths involving these monsters vary, and in some cases I have taken some poetic license in combining or leaving out some of the characteristics from myth.

The manticore awaits you beyond the jump.


The manticore (“man-eater”) is a winged monster with a red lion body, a horned human head, and a scorpion’s tail. Barbs cover the length of the tail, and the manticore flings them at its victim at range. The scorpion tail can inject a paralytic poison, which allows the manticore to unhinge its snake-like jaw and swallow its prey whole, assuming it can do so uninterrupted. It has three rows of serrated teeth, much like a shark, and has a voice that sounds like a trumpet.

When attacking prey, the manticore usually attacks from the air, shooting its tail barbs for one or two rounds before attacking from the ground with its tail sting. Although the manticore’s teeth are sharp, they’re used more for swallowing prey than actually wounding it, as the manticore’s mouth just isn’t very large.

Abilities (Focuses)

-1 Communication
4 Constitution (Stamina)
2 Cunning
4 Dexterity (Tail Barbs, Tail Sting)
0 Magic
3 Perception
4 Strength
2 Willpower (Morale)

Combat Ratings

Speed Health Defense Armor Rating
(Fly 12)
50 14 3


Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Tail Barbs +6 1d6 + 3
Tail Sting +6 2d6 + 4


Favored Stunts: Skirmish, Knock Prone, Pierce Armor (1 SP), Dual Strike (3 SP), Seize the Initiative (3 SP), Paralytic Venom (3 SP)

Paralytic Venom: When attacking with Tail Sting, the manticore can inject a paralytic poison into its target as a 3 SP stunt. Unless the target succeeds in a TN14 Constitution (Stamina) test, the target is paralyzed for 1d3 rounds.

Tough Hide: The tough hide of the manticore gives it an Armor Rating of 3.

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