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Summer Spectacular: Kobold Quarterly #14 Ships

Summer Spectacular: Kobold Quarterly #14 Ships

The new issue of Kobold Quarterly is now available, in pdf and print. The articles provide a crazed selection of material from across the spectrum: new class options, the ecology of the tengu, new treasures (and new uses for treasure), an entire mini-adventure, and more!

Most people think of kobolds as small, but when the Summer Gen Con issue rolls around, we’re huge! HUGE! This year’s issue is no exception, with 96 pages packed full:

  • Exclusive Pathfinder content, including two articles by Paizo staff
  • The Ecology of the Tengu—in Golarion and in Zobeck
  • An interview with 4th Edition lead designer Rob Heinsoo
  • 4 Treasure Trove articles, with phat loots to improve your game and bring smiles to players everywhere
  • Paladins, secret languages and aasimar PCs
  • Secrets of Game Design by RPG legend Monte Cook
  • So much more that it makes us dizzy to even think about it!

Whether you’re going to this year’s Gen Con or just want to get your hands on a ton of great material for your favorite fantasy RPG, Kobold Quarterly #14 is a must-have…

Get your copy of Kobold Quarterly #14 today. If you subscribe, you can start with this issue!

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12 thoughts on “Summer Spectacular: Kobold Quarterly #14 Ships”

  1. I read about a fighter-mage base class in this kobold issue, the project is closed or just will show up later?

  2. That class may show up later or not at all; Paizo is producing one for their Ultimate Magic book, so it’s not clear whether the one the editors are considering will appear in Fall or not.

    I’ll be asking people about it at GenCon, seeing how much interest there is…

  3. This is very disappointing. My group was looking forward to issue #14 for this specific class option (we have been delaying intervention re multi-class problems in this regard since KQ advertised the upcoming class). Not following through on a major advertised content feature seems like poor form.

  4. I hear what you’re saying, though I don’t believe we’ve ever been able to promise that class to anyone. Especially since Paizo is doing a fighter-mage, it remains under consideration.

  5. Thanks for the reply, Wolfgang. I referenced my copy of KQ13 tonight and I see that it was indeed not explicitly promised (my apologies for inferring so). From my personal perspective the stats article based on Pathfinder fiction is however a sad replacement for the envisaged “Pathfinder Swordmage” article as depicted on page 15 in KQ13. Would that I could entice you to mail me a copy of that manuscript for ‘play testing’. ;-)

  6. Greg Littlejohn

    Wow not specifically promised but as posted the mock-up of the front page on page 15 issue 13 shows a swordmage advertised. There was nothing to contradict that…I am sorry to be a bit snarkey here but was really looking forward to that class AND was very disappointed. Just needed to vent…

  7. Something to remember is that the preview advertisement (which is what you’re looking at) has to go out months before hand, and the possible selection of articles can very well be a tissue of lies– can that be tough? speaking as someone who once thought he had an article in the issue that way, sure, but you don’t know how the article compared to the material in the magazine now, if it’s being held in reserve (I had another article swim the slush pile for almost a year!), or if it needed reworking. There’s a lot of reasons why an article might not make it past the preview advert, and it seems that until we can get KQ to go bimonthly or monthly, and until there’s the volume of material to support it, we have to accept that there are going to be differences between the preview and the final issue.


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