RPG Resolutions for Dragon Eve

RPG Resolutions for Dragon Eve

New Year’s Dragon Eve is here! And as the Creature Codex is heading into the final stretch, it’s a good time to consider the road ahead. So I resolve to be a better, smarter, more entertaining and more often in-character adventurer. I will resolve to…

  1. Buy healing potions before a party member starts making death saves
  2. Try to keep my friends out of the 20-foot-radius fireball when casting
  3. Not fall asleep on watch in the mana-blasted wastelands
  4. Not pull every lever
  5. Curtail my dice-buying (nah, just kidding—you can never have too many dice!)
  6. Never, ever follow a captured kobold’s “shortcut” through the dungeon
  7. Tip generously at the tavern
  8. When reading from rotting tomes bound in human skin, read silently
  9. Maybe just don’t read from rotting tomes bound in human skin
  10. Look both ways before running headlong into a horde of goblins while screaming dwarf battle chants
  11. Always be hilarious!

So those are some of ours. What is your RPG Resolution for 2018?

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