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Rise of the Mimic Moon: Adventure Awaits!

Rise of the Mimic Moon: Adventure Awaits!

In which we trace the course of a possible campaign arc that features the Mimic Moon.

Oreimong the Eater, a planetoid-sized mimic awakened at the dawn of creation by unknown or forgotten gods, arrives in orbit over Midgard, pursuing the thieves who stole its seedling, the mimic’s only offspring. Unable to enter Midgard’s atmosphere and enraged beyond measure, it sends a deluge of mimics across the land, determined to recover what was stolen or make the world pay by scouring it down to bedrock.

Levels 13

Falling Stars Bring More Than Wishes. The PCs enjoy the comforts of an inn or small town when a new moon appears in the sky, causing weather disruptions across the land and showering Midgard with falling stars. One impacts nearby, releasing a flood of mimics, including the assassin, beast, and spell types, and sending the surrounding settlements into a panic. The PCs make their way toward the impact zone, dealing with a host of threats and obstacles, among them a jeopardized caravan and fanatical members of Qualmish Accord, a cult of mimic worshipers convinced the end times are nigh! The PCs also encounter the first signs of their opposite number in the form of various arachnid-monsters such as giant spiders and ettercaps. Upon reaching the impact site, the PCs must contend with a field of map mimics (see Tome of Beasts) disguised as rubble before approaching the strange asteroid fragment. Learning the meteorite is hollow and not natural proves to be the easy part as the PCs are ambushed by an ettercap mage focused on seizing the site for itself. Interrogating the ettercaps (or searching their corpses) reveals the spiderfolk’s search for a crashed voidship named the Vestige of Jubilation. In the end, a victory here results in the voice of Orerimong speaking to the PCs through a fragment of the asteroid: “Return my child, or your world shall be consumed”. 

Levels 46

Racing to the Ship. The PCs hurry toward the crashed voidship but quickly discover agents of the folk of Leng and the spiders of Leng (see Tome of Beasts for both) also seek the prize. Along the way, the heroes learn nothing can be trusted as the rain of mimics continues, and any object could be a hungry mimic waiting to strike. The Qualmish Accord turns a stopover in a town into a deadly trap by offering the population of the town to approaching mimics. Reaching the area where the voidship’s shattered hull lies, the PCs venture into a narrow valley transformed by the spiders of Leng into a labyrinth of webbed “corridors” guarded by traps and arachnids, all around a newly opened shadow road gateway. In a final battle, the PCs must contend with a weakened but still deadly broodmother of Leng (see Tome of Beasts 2) who is willing to detonate the star-fragment core of the voidship to keep her prize from the PCs. If the PCs are victorious, they recover the seedling, but the energy released by the conflict causes it to awaken into a juvenile mimic that imprints on a PC and believes the character to be its mother. 

Levels 79

The Great Voidship Heist. Having recovered the offspring, the PCs now must find a way to return the adorable but always hungry mimic-child to Oreimong. A few possibilities present themselves, but the most favorable is to steal a voidship from one of the factions in far-off Leng. Utilizing the shadow road discovered in the last adventure, the PCs quickly arrive in Leng, but traversing the Forbidden Plateau is made more difficult by the void portals and deadly aberrations inhabiting the strange landscape. Encountering some allies could prove beneficial, for they know the location of the nearest dockyard. But sneaking into a spider or folk of Leng settlement and stealing a strange voidcraft is difficult in the best of times, not to mention when you are hauling around a juvenile mimic. To make things more challenging, the PCs’ allies desperately need their aid on a mission of their own, but helping them may mean jeopardizing the entire heist.

Levels 1012

One Small Step for Midgard. The PCs launch their stolen voidship into orbit, engaging or evading any voidships of the folk or spiders of Leng. Landing on the Oreimong requires navigating a deadly obstacle course of asteroids launching from the surface. Once they land (or crash), the PCs find the strange atmosphere of the mimic is breathable but decidedly odd, as are the native creatures who block their way. Detecting its offspring, Oreimong orders the PCs to bring the child to its heart-chamber, deep below its surface. The journey is rife with danger as the mimics inhabiting the Eater do not take kindly to visitors. Additionally, the spiders of Leng and the folk of Leng also land operatives to prevent the PCs from returning the baby mimic to its parent. Unexpectedly, the greatest obstacle turns out to be the Qualmish Accord. The fanatics now worship Oreimong as a god even though the mimic considers them little more than gnats. Once within the heart-chamber, any expectation of a joyful reunion between parent and child is dashed when Oreimong must be convinced that its child hasn’t been tainted by association with the “fleshlings.” Failure in this final challenge results in the Mimic Moon enacting its grief-fueled revenge by hurling itself into Midgard.


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