Words of Power Groups

Words of Power Groups

ScrollUntil Deep Magic comes out, James Eder continues to provide us with groups and more to help satisfy our craving for magic. Take a look…

The Librarians of Nashudal

Nashudal is an ancient enclave where magic-users have gathered to collect lore and pool their intellect together in the search for ever-greater understanding. Naturally, most of its members believe that words are the most powerful tools of all—whether written down or spoken. When casting their own magic, they’re very likely to use Words of Power before any other type of spell, but they’re just as qualified to read ancient scripts as part of uncovering knowledge and adding it to the collective wisdom of the group. Their services aren’t particularly cheap, but many wealthy patrons have taken to hiring a librarian or two when sending a team to explore ruins. The fact that they literally work in a library also helps teach the members control of their power so they never use Words of Power by mistake.

The Articulators

Experts at seizing control of a situation, the Articulators avoid flashy, destructive Words in favor of ones that grant them greater control of their surroundings. From turning away attacks to making allies and giving commands, their Words are clear, straightforward, and powerful. As a dedicated order, the Articulators prize obedience and control; as such, its members are usually lawful and never chaotic. Their morals are far more fluid and based on individual choice, though it’s rare for members to use their powers against each other; frankly, it would be countered too easily. Nobody knows where they make their home (assuming they even have one), but they’re often seen patrolling the streets in restless areas and getting a population under control on behalf of the local authorities. They are presumably paid quite handsomely for their services, because their outfits are uniformly well-made (if fairly simple, except for the decorations of the officers) and they never seem to be lacking in funds.

The Doom of the Divine

No, it’s not the gods who are doomed, though some people would probably like that. Rather, the term is used to refer to a collective of Oracles who have been chosen by the gods to fulfill a particular mission and, in doing so, they’ve been granted a spark of divine knowledge about the basic fabric of magic and how to twist it to their will. Prophets, sages, and messengers to the people, the Doom of the Divine travel where (and when) they are told to by a deity. Many of the members lean toward Words that grant them hidden insights or allow them to locate things intended to remain secret alongside calling up a servitor appropriate for their faith. Healing and harming are optional, but secondary at best, since their main focus is talking to people and giving them commands. There are more efficient ways to heal and harm if a deity really wants to do that.

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