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Midgard Digital Map Release

Midgard Digital Map Release

The Midgard digital map is here! (And there was so much rejoicing!)

This is an early beta of the digital map and combines Anna Meyer’s cartography with digital tools that already make it pretty amazing. You can quickly search for towns or categories (try typing “Ruins” into the filter), and it zooms rather nicely. And unlike the old Midgard Atlas on the iPad, we’re not dependent on any particular platform.

Best of all, we’ll continue adding features to the Midgard digital map over time with at least one additional feature rolling out in April and possibly some wild additional features hitting this summer. We’ll announce the upgrades here; thanks to all who made it possible!

8 thoughts on “Midgard Digital Map Release”

  1. Hi. What are the narrow red lines on the main map? I noticed that the ley lines sometimes become red over mountains and seas, but the narrow red lines don’t seem to follow the same pattern and often intersect ley lines. Are they roads or do they denote some other map feature?

  2. Midgard Enthusiast

    The map looks amazing, best setting map I’ve ever seen!

    While the map is really useful, would it also be possible to also see a downloadable high-resolution version of the map for use in VTT’s like Fantasy Grounds?

    That way I can use it in-game and add content to it through pins and share with my players.

    1. Yes, please make a digital download version available! Or any editable copy. If you provided a service where we could rent our own copy on a server with editing tools, I’d be willing to buy it.

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