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Kobold Quarterly Folds, A New Adventure Begins

Kobold Quarterly Folds, A New Adventure Begins

Goldscale ponders his destinyIt’s a fact that in every fantasy roleplaying game, whether it’s Pathfinder RPG, Dungeons & Dragons, or Castles & Crusades, a kobold’s life is short. They’re wily and quick, but they have few hit points. Sooner or later they go down — fighting.

That day has come for Kobold Quarterly magazine. After five years of publication, Shelly and I are closing the doors on the little fanzine that could.

There’s a FAQ at the end of this post with more information, including details for subscribers (who will have the choice of a full refund or a larger amount in Kobold Store credit) and for writers (editors will contact you about Winter submissions).

That’s the nitty gritty. But as Kobold-in-Chief, I don’t want to talk about that right now. I want to talk about what Kobold Quarterly means to me.

I always hoped that Kobold Quarterly would someday be my full-time gig, but it was not to be. My sincere thanks go out to everyone who contributed to the magazine, starting with our stalwart subscribers, advertisers, authors, and artists. Thanks also to those who bought only an issue or two; for us, every sale was crucial to our continuing. The magazine may be going away, but the Open Design goal of creating new ways for people to publish their RPG ideas will continue.

This is a very sad day for me personally, and I know this comes as a disappointment to many of you. The line on small press magazines these days is, “every issue is a little miracle.” We finally ran out of miracles, but it’s been an absolutely stellar five and a half years with Kobold Quarterly’s contributors, subscribers, and readers.

Thanks for making it more than a “product.” Thank you for making it original, surprising, thrilling, inspiring and quirky. Thank you for making it playable and debatable and fun. All adventures end, and this one has been a blast.

And now, as adventurers do, we will gather in the tavern to hoist mugs of ale and talk about the monsters we slew and the treasures we won. And then we will begin planning and scheming for the next adventure.

Kobolds might be easy to knock down individually, you see, but they always come in big numbers. The kobold crew will keep serving you with free articles, the free Courier newsletter, Kobold Press adventures and sourcebooks, and other projects.

We remain Small but Fierce.

Kobold Quarterly FAQ

Hey, what happened to Kobold Quarterly?

After an amazing five-year run culminating with Kobold Quarterly 23, Kobold Press ended the magazine on a high note. The kobolds are now focused on designing and publishing high-quality RPG adventures, sourcebooks, campaign materials and other types of roleplaying game supplements in print and electronic formats.

What happens to my Kobold Quarterly subscription?  

If you have any issues remaining on your KQ subscription, you will get a full refund for your remaining issues.  You have three options:

  1. Receive a 150% refund in Kobold Store credit. If you opt in, you’ll get a credit to use on any future purchase equal to 1.5 times your remaining issue credit.
  2. Receive a 100% refund for your remaining issues via PayPal.
  3. Receive a 100% refund for your remaining issues via paper check, if you paid with a check or money order and do not have a PayPal account.

All subscribers will get an email from Shelly letting them know how many issues they have remaining, and she will deliver the option you prefer for a refund or store credit.

If you don’t choose one of these 3 options by Saturday, December 15, you will get the PayPal refund by default. We will strive mightily to process all refunds by December 31, 2012.

What happens to the Adopt-a-Soldier KQ subscriptions?

Any new Adopt-a-Soldier funds coming this quarter will be refunded in full to the donor. Service members who are currently subscribed to KQ through the Adopt-a-Soldier program will get an email giving them the option to either take the store credit as described above, or receive a refund.

Why are you doing this now?

While we are profoundly grateful to every subscriber, every advertiser, and everyone who ever bought a single issue of Kobold Quarterly, the magazine has always led a hand-to-mouth existence. It’s been glorious fun, but at some point in the last year or two it became a burden and even a bit of a grind to devote every night and weekend to KQ, four months a year, while working a full-time job and being a husband and a father to two kids.

The reality is that magazines are born, they grow, and eventually they decline and disappear. Others will carry on, but after five and a half years of publication, it’s time for the kobolds to move on to other things.

I submitted an article to KQ. What’s going to happen to it?

If you have submitted an article to the KQ editors, they will respond to you directly about your article. Even though the magazine is coming to an end, Kobold Press is still going strong – so some articles will be picked up for other Kobold Press series, such as the New Paths line, Midgard Adventures, and other new releases.

Why can’t you just do a Kickstarter to pay for KQ?

A Kickstarter might raise enough money to support a print run, but it’s unlikely to raise enough money to maintain a staff. (And honestly, paying a salary is not what Kickstarter is for.)

I’ll spare you the details, but editing, publishing and distributing Kobold Quarterly with a staff of volunteers and freelancers has simply exhausted the existing Kobold staff.  With the birth of our second child in addition to the hours Kobold needs, my wife Shelly (Kobold Minion #1) has burned out; and we can’t fill her roles in accounting, customer service, shipping, and ad sales with volunteers. We’re grateful she has agreed to close out existing subscriptions and handle the transition.

Why can’t you just go PDF?

We thought about that, but after a lot of soul-searching, financial calculations, and looking at the fantastic resources and talent we’ve built up over the years, we decided to dedicate our time and energy toward putting out insanely great adventures, sourcebooks and other types of RPG supplements.

What should I read now? I’m massively bummed.

You’ll be happy to know that the Kobold Quarterly blog will continue, and it is still totally free, with a new article every weekday. That is about 20 articles a month, submitted by gamers and industry pros alike. Check it out, and maybe sharpen up a pitch to send to Miranda.

You should also subscribe to the free Kobold Courier e-newsletter if you haven’t already. (The signup form is at the bottom of our home page.) It has original Kobold content, links to industry news and products that we think you’ll like,  as well as roundups of the latest blog articles.

Also, there are lots of great print or PDF magazines still out there: Wayfinder, Pathways, Crusader, Fight On! and others. We encourage you to check them out and support them with donations and subscriptions!

So, these new projects you keep mentioning. Can you tell us more?

Sure! To name just a few:

  •  The Valhalla Calling project is a game writing contest that will award someone a contract to publish their adventure with Kobold Press.
  •  The New Paths PDFs will continue to expand new character classes for Pathfinder, and we plan to continue the series.
  •  The Player’s Guides will bring additional rules heft into the Midgard campaign.
  •  The crew also has two top-secret projects in the works for 2013.

The end of a print magazine is sometimes the beginning of something new and great, and everyone involved in creating KQ can be proud of its run, its contribution to gaming, and its service to the audience. Now it’s time to serve that audience in a new way. I hope you’ll join us as we light out for the territories ahead.

Thank you,

Wolfgang Baur, Shelly Baur, Miranda Horner, Christina Stiles, Chris Bodan, Cathy Rundell, Crystal Frasier, Wade Rockett, Pierce Watters, Jeff Grubb, and all the designers, artists, and editors who brought you Kobold Quarterly, the small-but-fierce magazine of the roleplaying games hobby.

 Artwork: Chris McFann

119 thoughts on “Kobold Quarterly Folds, A New Adventure Begins”

  1. I am bummed to see this news and proud to have had a small part in making it happen.
    Also glad that it is only partly bad as Open Design is still around.

    Wolfgang, it was a pleasure working for you and I am glad I got to know many people though you. The things you’ll do will be a joy to see and read.


  2. Wolf, thank you for allowing me to be a part of Kobold Quarterly, if only for a short time. I cherish every issue I have, and look forward with great anticipation for what comes next from Kobold Press. I love you all!

  3. Really sorry to hear this! I always looked forward to reading a new issue of the magazine when it came out. I know that you’ll carry on putting out cool RPG sourcebooks and adventures though.

    Best Wishes


  4. Damian the Tiefling

    This makes me feels so sad. I don’t know what I’m going to do now for creative traps and monsters, and the amazing writing that comes with them.

  5. I believe the phrase “sucktastic” would be appropriate. Man, I am so sad to see this go. I’d begun to see it as good or even better than Dragon was.

    Consider my flagon hoisted in sadness!

  6. Aurgh! I just used to my subscription with a couple of magazines having arrived. Such is life. Well – thanks for the great content, and may your new projects turn out extremely well!

  7. Jonathan McAnulty

    I would like to sincerely thank you for a great run and a great magazine. I was honored to be able to contribute in some small way and I was hoping for many more years for our Kobold. I look forward to seeing what lies ahead.

  8. I really liked your magazine. Most of my gaming collection is physical. I am dreading the day that I will not be able to crack a book or turn the page of a magazine and not smell RPG goodness. Details below. Sorry to see you go

  9. Sweet Jiro, was this ever a fun ride! Thank you for so many pages of gaming excitement over the years…and count me in for the continuing adventures of Kobold Press.

  10. “Massively bummed” doesn’t come close! Although I came to KQ fairly late on I really enjoyed the magazine. Will keep reading the blog though!

  11. Morgan Boehringer

    Vale KQ! Very sad to see you go. A surprise indeed, but completely understandable. May your future efforts be as spectacular and as well received as this Wolfgang. And thank you for being there to usher in my small contribution – getting published in KQ was a boyhood dream made real.

    A question if I may – what will become of this blog/site? Will it become Kobold Press with access to forums?

    I think I’ll get all the back issue PDFs of KQ for Christmas to salve my broken heart.

  12. Sad news, indeed, but when you explain it, it all makes perfect sense. Thank you for letting me be a part of KQ for five years (I still can’t believe it’s been that long), it definitely makes it into the top tier of places I’ve been lucky enough to see my work published.

    So from me, Bolt, Quiver, and the unnamed cast of 10’x10′ Toon, I wish all the kobolds the best of luck … and hope that we get to work together on more projects in the future!

  13. This is very sad news, but I’m glad to know that newer, greater things are ahead. Kobold Quarterly was hands-down my favorite gaming magazine, and was the publication that not only inspired me to start writing, but gave me my start as a designer.

    I really owe my whole freelance RPG writing career to Wolfgang and crew.

    With that, I just want to say thank you for everything. It was an honor to both write for the blog/magazine and work as the web developer. I look forward to what comes next, and can’t wait to get involved.

  14. Oh no!!! This was my first year of subscribing to KQ and receiving one is the highlight of my day! This is a great publication and most great works like this take time to become this polished and inclusive. Is there any hope to keep KQ running, perhaps with a slightly difference business model supported by the community or run under the leadership of a lesser Kobold…possibly keeping the Kobold-in-Chief as a sort of executive producer? Surely there are alternatives.

  15. Very sorry to see KQ go, but the fact you kept it going for as long as this, at consistently high quality, with all your other commitments, is an amazing accomplishment. Whatever comes next is bound to be good.

  16. This is incredibly sad news indeed! I’m glad that you guys are moving on to great new projects, though!

    I finally managed to subscribe to the print edition through money earned freelancing, and then the mag gets cancelled, that figures. I really want to thank you guys for giving me my chance to get published and hopefully will get to work with you again.

    Best wishes,

  17. I’m very sorry to hear that. Even though KQ focused on a range of games I rarely play (I prefer modern and SF games), I was always impressed with the quality of the zine. It’s sad that, like several other worthy adventures in publication, it started just in time to be hit hardest by the recession. May your next project be luckier (and as high quality)!

  18. Sorry to see KQ go. Glad you were able to give us AGE players something beyond the GR offerings, and thanks for serving as an alternate press for writers to get their foot in the door. Looking forward to the future!

  19. Just suggestion – I would love to have all 5 years as an anthology bundle that I could purchase. Any thoughts about doing that? Especially if it were 1 or 2 volumes, that’d be cool.

  20. You obviously know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, but that doesn’t make it any easier does it? I hope that door of opportunity doesn’t smack you too hard on its way open. Onward to greater things and treasured memories.

  21. Knowing all the time pressure this caused, and the incredible quality of Kobold Quarterly I completely understand the need to stop producing the magazine. I do want to say it was one of my favorite things in gaming. I have every issue and enjoy every one. Sad to see it go but you should be proud of what you accomplished, because it was impossible and only you could have pulled it off.


  22. I am so sad to hear this. But, it seems that magazines as we know them are going the way of the dinosaur. Thank you for extending my RPG magazine goodness for five years Wolfgang. Good luck on your new endeavors


  23. A sad day, seeing another periodical go. But I tip my little red gnome hat to you and your kobold crew. You shone brilliantly during that brief time you ventured into the sunlight. Very brilliantly. KQ has been a delight to read. Thank you for every issue.

  24. Sad to hear this, beloved Kobolds!

    Totally understandable, however. The good thing is that there is still going to be great things coming from Kobold Press to sate my appetite.


  25. While I am not sure what I will literally run with from my mailbox to my hammock 3 times a year, I will continue to support the fine folks that made this happen.

    Good luck to you and Open Design, can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  26. I’m so, so bummed to hear this, but I absolutely understand and I respect you guys for making the only decision you could. Looking forward to many more years of great things from Kobold Press!

  27. Ouch, I just found out my FLGS is closing as well. I am so happy that Open Design will Live On. Thank you Wolfgang and Shelley for publishing my first article EVER. My print copies of KQ will rest neatly beside my vintage Dragon Mags and continue to provide ispiration for as long as I can still roll a d20.

  28. Sorry to learn about this but I am cheered that unencumbering the print magazine now will lead to more output later. Certainly it is the substance not the form that is important. And who knows? Maybe you will have that full time job yet. Courageous steps that represent Kobolds everywhere with pride and dignity; and yet change still sucks. Best wishes on the adventure ahead!

  29. To Wolfgang, Shelly and all the Kobold Gang,

    Thank you all so much for the great issues of KQ. In the void left by Dragon and Dungeon, you all stepped up to the plate, not as a substitute but as a more than worthy successor.

    It is thanks to you that many of us (myself included) got the chance to start fulfilling our dreams of being published as game designers.

    From the bottom of my heart, thanks.

    Brian Suskind

  30. Horribly huge sinking feeling reading this. KQ was the only gaming magazine that I felt was truly unique and not just fan service. It was full of open minds, bold new ideas, and fresh spins on most everything. I’m honored to have been captured in its pages at least once, its a shame there won’t be more opportunities for that, as I owe my whole “freelancing” career as a whole to Kobold Quarterly. Not only are the people behind the magazine amazingly talented, but they’re all extremely affable and kind people, which is rare in the RPG industry.

    I can relate though honestly, being a father of two myself, working a full time job and another part time job just to make ends meet. Devoting all of your free time to work, and turning passion into profession can almost always burn you out to a certain degree. It all comes down to priorities with these things, do you spend the night working hard to get something out, or do you just sit on the couch with your family and watch the kids grow up? Memories are great to have, I’ll miss KQ for sure, but I’m also happy for the Baur family if this eases some of the woes of being parents and working adults as well as gamers – that’s one hell of a demanding combo…I know from experience.

    Just want to take time out as I wrap up this novella of a comment to say that Wolfgang has been a huge inspiration to me on a multitude of levels. It’s been a pleasure working with him, and I hope to continue doing so in the future.

  31. This is an AWFUL birthday present! And I only just started subscribing in the past year! It’s just as much my fault as Steve C’s.

    In all seriousness though, it is completely understandable. I had no idea how small the Kobold staff really was! I’d just say keep what was left of my sub. Probably doesn’t amount to more than $5 or so. Keep it – it might buy a few jars of baby food. ;D

  32. I read this with a heavy heart. I was a Dragon and Dungeon subscriber by age 12 (35 now) and grew to love that pure excitement when a magazine arrived in the mail! It really is something you just have to experience. I remember the “dark time” during the end of TSR when the magazines disappeared, I cherished the new incarnation under Paizo, and all but wept when WotC ended the license and went online only. I became a charter subscriber to Pathfinder Adventure Paths (and still am), which has been great… but it’s not a magazine. I didn’t even realize how much I missed the magazine experience: the ever changing topics, the ads for current products, the deluge of new authors and ideas, the occasional odd or quirky article, and so on.

    Kobold Quarterly filled the void beyond any expectation. I truly hoped expansion to a bi-monthly or monthly schedule was in the cards. The magazine is amazing, beautiful, and expertly written and assembled.

    So, to Wolfgang, Shelly, and the crew, a fervent thank you for keeping an era alive and giving so much of yourselves to the community. Every visit to the mailhbox will be marked with a tinge of sadness but also fond remembrance of the magic it once contained. Looking forward to what the future of Kobold Press brings.

  33. I own a hard copy of every Kobold Quarterly ever published. Get back! You can’t touch them! They’re mine, mine, mine!! I need them, you see. Atropos may have cut the noble kobold’s thread, and the wily critter’s spirit may think it’s going to the happy place, but I have its complete diary, its essence, its veritable soul clutched here in my scrawny arms. I’ve read and re-read everything again and again. I’ve learned it all. I know things. I’m beginning to see. No, no, I can’t shove spirit back into its belovedly scaly little body any more than you can. But I swear I can see a bit through the shadowed veil. Its little spirit is moving on, climbing to something even bigger out there in the great beyond. Go, little friend! Go, go GO!!

  34. This news makes me sad.
    One of highlights of my decade was getting an article published in Kobold Quarterly. Thank you for the opportunities Wolfgang and editors! I have been helping and contributing to Kobold Design for three years now and I can confidently say I am proud to be a kobold! I have learned so much about freelance writing and have really enjoyed meeting some quality people. Everyone I’ve met here has been friendly, knowledgable and fun.

    Designing together. Gaming together. Dreaming together.

    These are my people.

    A nerdy misfit like me found a place to share his game ideas and see them become something others could appreciate in print and pdf. Thank you all.

    James Thomas
    Kobold Minion #66

  35. This sucks. I mean, I understand the reasoning — the mini-Baurs obviously come first, and *should* — and I completely respect the decision.

    But it still sucks.

    Thank you from the bottom of my cold, black, gamer heart for the awesomeness that has been KQ. And best of luck to you all.

  36. Wolfgang and crew…I know that it has been your devotion to quality that has ended this magazine (amongst other factors).

    I’d much rather see KQ go out on a high note than spiral down in quality. I’ve been very pleased with every issue I’ve received, and every product from OD. Keep that focus on quality, and though I may wish there were MORE, I’d rather the focus on the GREAT.

    I look to my bookcase…I have 4 full sized bookcases of RPGS…and the very top shelf that my son knows he’s not allowed to touch without me (I do share kq and od items with him) of my most favorite bookcase is full of Open Design products, including Kobold Quarterly.

    I share your sadness. It was a great offering, and one I hoped would remain for the forseeable future…but it is no small consolation that OD will remain.

    I almost wonder if a larger, annual compilation of the best of the kq blog and submissions for kq mag articles could create a “graphic novel” type of work?

    JUST DON’T GET BURNED OUT! Keep doing what you love!

  37. I am so very sorry to see KQ go the way of the dire dodo. Most magazines eventually shut their doors, so it goes with Kobold Quarterly. However, your run achieved excellence and glory, and you gave solace and strength to gamers right when they needed it most.

  38. I’m very sad to see it go. The best rejections I’ve ever seen have come from Kobold Quarterly. We can only hope that Kobold Press keeps that same level of quality in their rejection letters.

  39. I hate to see such a thing happen, but can not express how proud, if I may say, of you and yours for putting family first.

    I will continue my support of your other dreams for if for no other reason than this.

    All my best,

  40. Sad to see KQ come to a close, but I am still excited to see the new things Kobold Press puts forth! Keep doing what you love, take time for yourselves to recharge!

    I’m looking forward to the blog posts as usual. There is so much talent here! You have truly made a mark on the gaming world for being so original and unique and for piloting a new genre of creative collaboration.

    Thank You.


  41. I am very sorry to hear this. I really enjoyed the magazine, as it totally filled that missing Dragon/Dungeon hole in my life. Good luck with the bigger and better things!

  42. I’ve been having a difficult time finding the words, but thanks for everything you’ve done. Much love to y’all, and good luck with all of the awesome things coming. It’ll be grand.

  43. Wow. I’m stunned and incredibly saddened by the news.

    I wish you nothing but the best moving forward with future projects.

    We had a great run, kobolds.

  44. I was happy to be part of this from the onset, and am quite sad to see it go. I understand the decision, and would much rather see it go out as a class act, than have it be something that started to miss deadlines, have content issues, or otherwise and sour the kobold reputation!

    Thanks Wolfgang, Shelley, and everyone else who produced this awesome magazine!

  45. The magazine was the most consistent highlight of gaming for me. I’m saddened to hear of KQ’s conclusion, but understandably family and real life considerations take undisputed precedent. In these endeavors the energy and focus should always remain positive. Better to look back at the magazine’s great five year run than dwell on what could have been or attempt an effort mired by unfeasibility. Great to hear Kobold Press will continue to produce their usual excellent standard of material. The Kobolds are a wily bunch and always find ways to survive, adapt, and thrive.

  46. A sad day indeed but if it makes your life go the direction you need at this time then so be it. We will support you in your new adventures as well as your old. See you soon from the patrons list.

  47. Wolfgang and Shelly: thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be forever grateful to you and Kobold Quarterly for drawing me back into gaming after a too-long hiatus, and to Open Design (now Kobold Press) for making game design a part of my life. I can’t tell you how gratified I was to see my first creature show up on this page. KQ was a constant source of inspiration, and I was hooked here on project after project until drawn away by my first paying gig, *still* wanting to get back here as quickly as I could manage. I hate to see KQ go away, but I am here for whatever comes next! Proofing the last issue, and the work of some of my favorite designers, was great fun. I hope to do so again in the future on whatever project needs it!


  48. The wonderful freedom that Shelly and Wolfgang encouraged in contributors made the kobold mighty, and rather like Dragon before, I’ve a feeling our old kobolds will be at our sides, giving us inspiration for many years to come.

    It’s been an honour working on KQ, and great that it goes down on a high of quality, fighting to the last and earning the respect of adventurers everywhere.



  49. What a shame this wonderful magazine has closed. I’ve really looked forward to every edition. I’ve even written an article I was just about to submit.

    That said, when you’ve got a full-time and a family, the job in third place has to give way. It’s completely understandable and forgiveable but a sad day.

    Good luck in all your future ventures.

  50. I am saddened by the news, I understand the reason but ……sad.

    It has been a great 5 years and 23 issues. I have the first and the last one.
    Thank you Wolfgang for publishing me in #8 and #13.

  51. This is sad news indeed, but I’m glad to see that it is Kobold QUARTERLY going under, not Kobold PRESS. Things change; I’m looking forward to seeing what Kobold Press evolves into.

  52. Sad for me as a subscriber, but I can certainly understand. It was a wonderful and unique magazine. Looking forward to your other projects; best of luck. And enjoy your kids!

  53. A tremendous Thank You to Wolfang and Shelly and everyone else associated with KQ. It’s been great and KQ will always have an honored plane on my bookshelf. But, yeah, as way overly busy husband and father myself, I totally understand – family and sanity gotta’ come first. Rest assured though, if you ever want to dust off the Kobold or try some crazy new project, we’ll be ready to climb back on board.

  54. It’s a shame that the kobold’s magazine is going away, though I completely understand why. I get the whole overworked and family thing too! I wish you all the best in future endeavours, and look forward to buying them too :-)

  55. A great magazine that gave me my first publishing experience! Every good thing must come to a end, and I want to thank Wolfgang and Shelly for their hard work, and for having the integrity to end the magazine on a high point, as an example of what a great RPG magazine can be.

  56. Kobolds,

    Thank you all very much. Be well. Much luck in all your other wonderful adventures which you so generously share …

  57. The Kobold is death! Long live the Kobold!

    Sad news… but Kobold Press can count on me!

    Best of luck for the future!

  58. We here at Skyland Games are all interested in the potential for a collected Kobold Quarterly (The Kompleat Kobold?). Maybe a way to catapult your next product and make KQ a little more immortal.

  59. I want to thank Wolfgang for bringing me in as an editor on the KQ for its last year. I had a blast working on the articles and seeing new writers emerge within its pages, and I am just as sad as everyone else that KQ has run its course.

    Here’s hoping Wolfgang and Shelly get some needed rest and time with their children, though! They are some great folks!!!! Long live Kobold Press. :)

  60. And I just got the last issue a couple weeks ago!
    Ah well, that’s how it goes it seems.
    Best wishes to all Kobolds, the old and the young ‘uns! Looking forward to more gaming goodness from Open Design!

    – Gary

  61. Thank you for all your hard work, and creative efforts. All of your work reminded me of the early days of D&D. Please do not go far, and keep bringing out great projects!


  62. Huge congratulations for your wonderful achievements these past five years and for giving the gaming public such a fine magazine to enjoy. While I know you’ll be feeling glum over the cessation of Kobold Quarterly I hope you’ll continue to feel as proud as the rest of us that a successor to Dragon and Dungeon magazines lived and prospered under your hard-working hands.

  63. Thanks for the questions in addition to the kind words, all. I’ll have to add these to the FAQ.

    Shawn J: “Is there any hope to keep KQ running, perhaps with a slightly difference business model supported by the community or run under the leadership of a lesser Kobold…possibly keeping the Kobold-in-Chief as a sort of executive producer?”

    If there were a way to keep KQ running, believe me, we’d have taken it. What you’re describing doesn’t sound like KQ so much as it does a new magazine — which would be awesome.

    Brent Brown: “I assume that back issues will still be available via PDF?”

    Back issues are definitely still available via PDF, and in print while supplies last.

    Justin S: “I would love to have all 5 years as an anthology bundle that I could purchase. Any thoughts about doing that? Especially if it were 1 or 2 volumes, that’d be cool.”

    There are currently anthology bundle available in the Store, one bundle for each year. Are you thinking a print product? Or one (maybe two) massive PDFs?

    Damian the Tiefling: “Will paizo.com still be selling your back issues from the last four years?”

    Yes, the Kobold Store and Paizo and DriveThru/RPGnow will be selling back issues while they last.

  64. Very sad news. I love Kobold Quarterly and am sorry to see it go. I have a huge library downstairs but keep the magazine in the stand in the bedroom, along with a few select books. I’m very glad that the blog continues and hope this truly is the beginning of new, grand adventures.

  65. Here’s to KQ! I’m keeping my collection in safe place forever. It’s a fine product.

    All the best to the Bauers – may they find the rest and recovery they they deserve.

  66. I salute the mighty Kobolds who have so inspired us through the years, and given us enough material for years to come.

    We thank you for your service.

    Mind the traps.

  67. Sad news, but completely understandable. A kobold is only as strong as the tribe, and sometimes sacrifices must be made for the tribe to grow.

    I’m looking forward to helping with Kobold Press however I can. Can’t wait for what’s next.

  68. I read this on the way to a gaming session on Friday night. I would be lying if I said it didn’t cause something strange and watery happen to my eye. I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t break the news to my entire group that night.. much to the dismay of all my players. That night I rose a glass in your honor, to the mighty Kobold, small but fierce. To the Kobold-in-cheif and his minions. And to the printed word, a rare and exotic gift.

    That night we played long and hard into the night. Every Drow we slew, and every Mind Flayer we overcame was in grand tribute to our fallen Kobold friend.

    It was one our best games in recent memory. Thank you for everything. Long live Kobold Press.


  69. Wow. That came out of left field (to me anyhow).

    Very sad to see this go… But I want to thank the whole team and especially Kobold Minion number 1 (for all those emails).

    It’s been a blast and will reiterate what othes have said: KQ is going out on a high note!


    Maybe, now we should look at a five year reunion… :)

  70. Tonight, I will raise a glass to you KQ. I am greatly saddened as I only came upon KQ a couple of years ago and have enjoyed looking forward to my quarterly instalment ever since. Thank you for rekindling my love of gaming and reminding me of days of yor and my youth enjoying another reptilian based magazine. Thankfully, for now, I have PDF’s of all of the early issues I missed to read through and keep me busy and I look forward to the new projects to come from Kobold Press.

    Thanks again.


  71. I’m very sad to hear about Kobold’s decision to discontinue; I had only just begun my subscription to your excellent magazine! In the short time though I’d come to love the depth and feel of the work guys and gals put into the publication and I hope that your endeavors beyond are a success!

  72. I have enjoyed your work with Kobold Quarterly. I am sorry to hear of its discontinuation, but I understand about the challenges that Life can present. I wish you and all those involved with KQ best in your future endeavors. And thanks for the wonderful material.

  73. Aw, man. I’m really sorry to hear this. I’ve always admired the Kobold for keeping the print RPG magazine alive. It was a noble thing to do, but living one’s life is vastly preferable to struggling through each day as a burned-out crusader. Nothing lasts forever, but while it lasted it was great.

  74. This saddens me but I understand that sometimes things like this happen. More than anything I am excited to know that you will continue your work through Kobold Press and all the great products we have been seeing on that end. Keep up the great work and I promise to keep supporting you on this end. :)

  75. I haven’t received any official notifications yet, but for me, I’d prefer to refuse any form of refund (even store credit). I’m pretty sure I’m owed an issue or two (renewed in January) but I could be wrong. But can you make that an option? I always felt I got more than my money’s worth, and I don’t begrudge the Kobold keeping the change.

  76. Sorry to see it go! Glad to know that other project will be forthcoming. Who knows, perhaps 5e, PF, and the OSR can all share adventures in the future seamlessly? This would for sure make a KQ like product more viable in the future. 6/12 issue sub on KS.

    One thing though- could you put the Open Design podcast back up on iTunes? I can’t find the Tony D interview you guys did a few years ago. It was excellent and I would cherish to hear it again.

  77. Wow – It almost feels as if a real flesh and blood friend has died. True, the web site remains and other projects are in the works, but the magazine was (to me) the axis around which everything else revolved.

    For half a decade Kobold Quarterly / Kobold Press has offered a sense of community far beyond anything TSR or WotC ever achieved. I look forward to that community living on, even though right now I’m filled with a terrible sense of loss.

  78. I’m very sorry to hear the news. I’ve been enjoying issue 23 for the last couple weeks now and I’m certainly going to miss the magazine.

    I do have one thing I’m curious about though that I don’t see mentioned above. I was looking at the teaser page for what would have been issue 24 last night. The articles looked really great, especially the super-science one. Are there any plans to release those articles as PDFs maybe? I’d be very sad to see them consigned to the realm of vapourware forever.

  79. Aw, man. Just caught this today. Sorry to see it go and I look forward to the great projects on the horizon. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Ben A.

  80. Although it did not cater enough to the game I was interested in, I was very impressed with the quality of your magazine. My condolences to your readers.

  81. My heart just dropped when reading the headline. I am at a loss for words beyond an expression of thanks. Thank you all for the Kobold Quarterly. It was love at first sight and I will miss it deeply.

  82. KQ was great and filled the void left by print Dragon & Dungeon. I’ll miss the magazine.

    Just purchased Midgard a couple weeks ago and it’s great! I’ll definitely continue to support Kobold Press.

  83. Just got my first exposure to this magazine three weeks ago and was blown away! So excited! Finally found something to fill the hole in my heart left by Paizo’s printed Dragon magazine and Dungeon magazine. Now this.

    All I can say is “B-b-b-but…. h-h-hey…. I just….. just got here….”

    Feeling bummed. Feels like I’m always too late. I have a feeling back issues will all be gone before I can afford them. Any chance of reprinting them? or a collection?

    A dagger, a dagger in my heart I say. Surely there must be some steward who could take up the…

    I’m sorry. I’m getting carried away. Thank you for sharing so many talents and creative works. I hope Kobold Press has the best of luck with their settings or supplements and whatnot.

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