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Kobold Quarterly #7 Ships

Kobold Quarterly #7 Ships

Yes, it seems like just yesterweek I was coming back from GenCon and collapsing in a heap at the Ye Old Kobold Mines. And then just like that, it’s already Fall and here’s the issue to prove it. Where did the quarter go?

The issue features two major new elements. The Monster Mayhem section features our first official Pathfinder monsters (hopefully not the last, but James Jacobs seemed fond of these). That section also features a horde of Steampunk monsters in the Horrors of Steam & Iron.

And just as important, it features a ton of color in the print edition, so it’s … pretty. It seems odd to say that about an RPG magazine full of dark fantasy, but really, it’s a looker.

You can pick up your PDF copy today or order a print copy, and we’ll get it right out to you. Or take the plunge and subscribe.

If you are a subscriber, you’ve already got your PDF, so tell us your first impressions. What do you think of the monsters? The Ecology? The Belle Dame Sans Merci cover? Let us know in the KQ Forums.

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