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Imperial Gazetteer Must Eat Flesh!

Imperial Gazetteer Must Eat Flesh!

You’re gonna want the lights on for this. The Imperial Gazetteer is here! You won’t ever be the same. (And don’t think death will save you.)

The Imperial Gazetteer is the 4th Edition sourcebook that details the principalities of Morgau and Doresh and the Empire of the Ghouls.

On the surface, who can hope to withstand the undead princes of Morgau and Doresh? The vampires and spectral knights long ago claimed these lands as their own. Underground, the ghouls and their empire march ever onward, devouring all opposition (and some allies).

The Imperial Gazetteer takes you deep within the palatial crypts of realms where even death fears to tread:

  • History of the undead nations above and below the earth
  • Tons of undying antagonists and allies
  • Ghoul PC race
  • Underground capital of the Emperor of the Ghouls
  • Gods and magic items of the undead
  • Surface and underground maps
  • More than 30 new monsters!
  • …Ghost Knights of Morgau, Cult of the Red Goddess, Baba Yaga & Koschei the Deathless, and so much more!

Those who hesitate are bound to return as undead! So order the pdf version or the print version of Imperial Gazetteer today, and it will be shipped to you immediately.

And for you, our loyal KQ.com readers, a special prize for coming back each day… and for reading to the bottom. Anyone who provides a comment below (and makes sure to fill out the email box) will get a free pdf map of a keep on the Grisal Marches.

42 thoughts on “Imperial Gazetteer Must Eat Flesh!”

  1. I must say, this sort of surprised me. I’ve regretted not getting involved earlier in your patron projects primarily because of the Empire of the Ghouls.

    Thanks for making this available.

  2. just ordered the (european) print version. undead realms – which DM worth his salt could resist? (c:{

    the only thing I really, really, REALLY don’t like is that it is for 4E. *sigh*

  3. woohoo free map… map of what…? nevermind, it’s free…

    seriously, wish I could afford to pick up the book right now, but until the economic situation improves, I can’t.

  4. I was surprised to see that Wolfgang wrote in another thread that if the 4E version did well there could be a 3.5 one. Considering that all the other Zobeck material has been 3.5 I’d think that a 3.5 version would do better than a 4E one. Since I won’t be getting the 4E book, at least I get map.


    I’ve been a pretty loyal customer. I can’t believe I didn’t know this was in the works. SOOOOOOOOOO excited to buy it!




  6. Man, if only I had not just forked out money for the Pathfinder Bestiary.

    I might have to wait until Wolfgang pays me for my 4e article so I can spend the money buying the Gazetteer

  7. Man between 3 OD projects, KQ 11, and this! Where do you find the time? And this would’ve been written while you were working on Halls for 3.5 and 4e too. Just wow. Can’t wait, though I might have to wait at least a little while till that money tree starts bearing fruit… :)

  8. I’d also love to know how this product (just saw it announced via web and KQ) relates to the older Empire of Ghouls (which I sadly missed).

    Gotta have a print version though…

  9. Jim Groves (Water and Innercaine)

    This whole project slipped under the radar, and it looks like a great compliment to a previous OD Project.. or an awesome way to get some of that material in 4E.

    Please send me that free map!

  10. Thanks for the comments, freebie map will be available for you next week.

    If anyone does a review of the Imperial Gazetteer (on RPGNow, or Paizo, or whereever), please LET ME KNOW! I’d love to hear what you liked or disliked.

  11. I loved the old Ghoul empire from Dragon and Dungeon, this is just a great update to it. Oh, and a free map, you can not beat free.

  12. I sent the map out to everyone, based on the list I made a day ago. I think it includes you Hugo, if not let me know!

    There could be a 3E/Pathfinder version coming. Depends on how the 4E one does, and whether I feel like dual-statting everything.

    Honestly, I’d rather focus on getting Sunken Empires to be great for Pathfinder than to re-design this one. After Halls, the dual-stat projects aren’t appealing. AND HALLS ISN’T EVEN OVER YET! ARGH!

  13. Greetings from Denmark :)

    I’ve regretted not getting involved in the OD idea since I first read about Empire of the Ghouls. Then I realised I actually didn’t have the money to get involved. But now I finished my masters and got a job (screw you recession!), so now I guess I’m back in the game! (ugh, a pun). I’ll sign up real soon (tomorrow is pay day…) – IF – what you’re doing seems just remotely as cool as Empire ;)

    …also – I’m signing up pretty much only for inspiration and fluff, since I only run games very rarely, in my own system, and in my own (low fantasy or Steampunk) campaing world.

    But I simply love the idea behind OD and I’ve enjoyed KQ a lot the times I’ve bought it :)

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