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Secrets of the Emerald Order: From the Vaults

Secrets of the Emerald Order: From the Vaults

The Emerald Order is a group steeped in magic. With the Emerald Tablets holding the secrets of the universe, the devout and high-ranking members of the order can glean much arcane knowledge from them. The order also creates and collects many strange and powerful magical items, often aided by the knowledge contained in the tablets as well as information gathered by their network of agents. Collected here are some of the extraordinary magical tools that can be found within the vaults of the Emerald Order or in the hands of their more trusted agents.


Potion, uncommon

This effervescent, crimson liquid is commonly held in a thin, glass vial capped in green wax. When you drink this elixir, its effects last for 8 hours. While the elixir is in effect, you cannot fall asleep by normal means. You gain advantage on saving throws against poisons and magical effects that would put you to sleep. If you are affected by the sleep spell, your current hit points are considered 10 higher when determining the effects of the spell.


Wondrous item, rare

These scarabs come in pairs, carved from a piece of emerald-green crystal grown from the Emerald Tablets. After speaking a command word, you can place one of the scarabs down and activate it as a clairaudient sensor, picking up all sounds made within 30 feet of it. These sounds will emit from the other scarab of the pair so long as the two remain no more than 1 mile apart.

This item is not without its dangers as sound-based magic can also travel through the magical link. Any sound-based magic within range to be picked up by an emerald scarab (such as thunderwave or a harpy’s luring song) can affect those close enough to the partnered scarab to hear it.


Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

The backs of each of these black leather gloves are set with gold fittings as if to hold a jewel. While you wear the gloves, you can cast mage hand at will. You can affix an ioun stone into the fitting on a glove. While the stone is affixed, you gain the benefits of the stone as if you had it in orbit around your head. If you take an action to touch a creature, you can transfer the benefits of the ioun stone to that creature for a period of 1 hour. While the creature is gifted the benefits, the stone turns gray and provides you with no benefits for the duration. You can use an action to end this effect and return power to the stone. The stone’s benefits can also be dispelled from a creature as if they were a 7th-level spell. When the effect ends, the stone regains its color and provides you with its benefits once more.


Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This well-crafted cap appears to be standard wear for academics. Embroidered on the edge of the inside lining in green thread are sigils. If you cast comprehend languages on them, they read, “They that are guided go not astray.”

When you wear the hat, you gain advantage on all Intelligence and Wisdom checks. If you are proficient in any Intelligence or Wisdom-based skills, you double your proficiency bonus when making checks in those skills.


Wondrous item, uncommon

This hard, gritty, flavorless bead can be dissolved in liquid or powdered between your fingers and sprinkled over food. Doing so neutralizes any poisons that may be present. If the food or liquid is poisoned, it will take on a brief reddish hue where it makes contact with the bead as the item does its work. Alternatively, you can chew and swallow the bead and gain the effects of an antitoxin.


Rod, rare

This thin, flexible rod is made of braided silver and brass wire and topped with a spoon-like cup. When you are holding the rod, you can use a reaction to deflect a ranged weapon attack against you. You can simply cause the attack to miss, or you can attempt to redirect against another target, even your attacker. The attack must have enough remaining range to reach the new target. If the additional distance between yourself and the new target is within the attack’s long range, it is made at disadvantage as normal, using the original attack roll as the first roll.

The rod has 3 charges. You can expend a charge as a reaction to redirect a ranged spell attack as if it were a ranged weapon attack, up to the spell’s maximum range. The rod regains 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn.


Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This unassuming book possesses powerful illusory magics. Whatever is written on its pages appears to be something else entirely, determined by the possessor of the book. A shadow tome used as a spellbook could be made to look like a book of recipes for example. In order to read the true text, the owner must speak a command word. A second speaking of the word will hide the true text once more. A true seeing spell can see past the shadow tome’s magic and reveal the real text to the reader.

Most shadow tomes already contain text. Rarely one with blank pages is found. Then when you are attuned to the book, you can write on the pages and choose what the illusory text is that conceals your written words once they are on the page.


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