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Grand Duchy: Societies of Yarila and Porevit

Grand Duchy: Societies of Yarila and Porevit

Midgard With EagleThe long-lived elfmarked of the Grand Duchy have long venerated the Fair Gods, Father Forest and Mother Field. Not surprisingly, an organized religion with such a long history has developed within it a large number of factions—priestly orders and secret societies.

In fact, the farther one goes from the heart of the faith, the Twinned Cathedral in Reywald, the stranger and fey-influenced its the rites and practices become.

Individual adventuring clerics of the Grand Duchy don’t necessarily owe their allegiance to any particular order. But the vows of various orders do serve to establish priorities and bind them to clerical officers who exhibit certain spiritual and temporal gifts.

These are just three examples of the dozens of orders within the faith of the Twinned Gods.

Brothers and Sisters of the Sheaf

Commonly referred to as the Harvesters, this order dedicated to Porevit developed its martial trappings as a response to the threats to common folk coming from the Western Wastes.

Applauded as protectors, members are easily recognized by their white tabards trimmed with green that bear a sheaf of brown grain stalks on the chest. They are trained to ride warhorses, which serve to patrol the southern borders.

At times, however, the mother church has had to curtail abuses within the ranks. When discipline is lax, members have been accused of taking “what is rightfully” Porevit’s and of exacting the choicest parts of the bounty from farmers in the borderlands. They also have been accused of making unauthorized forays into the wastes to enrich their coffers by obtaining plunder from the ruins of the fallen kingdoms.

Society of Yarila

This relatively new order is based on reformist ideals that emphasize education, evangelism, and charity. Its symbol is the fruit tree set before the halo of the rising sun.

Member priests are sent out in pairs—but sometimes singly—to establish a school or worship hall in a new place. They always strive to take the faith to a new location, partly not to compete with the worship houses of existing orders and partly to reach new frontiers. Priests often take passage on ships headed for the islands of the western ocean.

Members of other orders say one virtue is lacking from the society, and that is humility. The courage and faith that compels members of the society to push back boundaries is often misconstrued as arrogance.

Mendicants of the Sower

Known simply as the Sowers, this Yaria-focused order takes vows of poverty and places a great value upon planting and growing. Those who take the vows to enter the order are said to “Take the Linens,” for they wear simple beige linen frocks. Its monks are anything but meek, however.

Practitioners and friars are often skilled in hand-to-hand combat, eager defenders of growing places. Clerics who are granted spellcasting focus on spells that manifest magical growth and maturation. The Sowers are known to sprout philosophy as well as a bountiful harvests.

Even though its members are penniless stewards, Sower monasteries are prosperous, and other orders cast a jealous eye upon their riches. Because of this abundance, Sower abbots and abbesses are often being pressured to contribute more than their share to the mother church.

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