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From Shore to Sea: a Public Report

From Shore to Sea: a Public Report


The From Shore to Sea patronage project is smack dab in the middle of its second phase with the brainstorming sessions of Sunken Empires going strong and patron submissions pouring in!

Right now, patrons are designing the creatures that lurk both above and below the waves and the bleached, ancient spires and sunken ruins of a lost civilization. Every entry is intriguing.

There are the deadly drowned maidens, who ambush drunken sailors along dark docks while posing as the floating corpses of beautiful women. Beneath the waves lurks the Doldrum, an ancient air elemental imprisoned beneath the sea that rises from the depths to rob air from passing ships. And from the depths of the Benthic Trench rises dangerous prehistoric horrors like the mighty dunkleosteus and giant angler fish…

Meanwhile, patrons are contributing to a whole chapter of great, inspirational GM tools, like “20 Interesting Undersea Ruins,” “100 Aquatic Treasures,” “10 Shoreside Societies,” “50 Personalities of the Docks,” and “10 Undersea Antagonists.”

We’ve already had several great submission rounds of new feats, equipment, hazards, and underwater combat rules, but lots of things remain for patrons to brainstorm and submit. As the design progresses, we’ll further define the framework and details of the two cities and the personalities that inhabit the dockside district, the trader’s quarter, and the Sunken Market. Future threads include magic of the waves and spells of the sea, as well as new domains and underwater spellcasting rules. Magic items, alternate class abilities, sorcerer bloodlines, and traits all await for brainstorming, discussion, submission, and fine tuning.

Best of all, we’re collaborating on all of this RIGHT NOW, and it isn’t too late to contribute. Sign up today and get in on the ground floor of Sunken Empires!

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