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Free Issue of Kobold Quarterly Now Through Feb. 14

Free Issue of Kobold Quarterly Now Through Feb. 14

Curses! Those dirty gnomes have staged their annual raid on our vaults, this time through a clever scheme involving ridiculous moustaches, a grappling hook, twenty pounds of cheese, and a windmill.

While our kobold guards are off chasing the culprits, you can sneak in and download a FREE issue of Kobold Quarterly magazine. Go to the KQ Store, add issue #14 to your cart, and enter the coupon code KoboldWelcome at checkout to snatch a PDF copy of your own.

Issue #14 was our extra-big Gen Con issue, and in its pages you’ll find:

  • Exclusive Pathfinder content, including two articles by Paizo staff
  • The Ecology of the Tengu—in Golarion and in Zobeck
  • An interview with 4th Edition D&D lead designer Rob Heinsoo
  • Treasure Trove articles with phat loots to improve your game and bring smiles to players
  • Paladins, secret languages, and aasimar PCs
  • Secrets of Game Design by Monte Cook
  • So much more that it makes us dizzy to even think about it!

The vault will be locked and guarded again on February 14, so act now!

While you’re there you might also want to get a copy of the new issue, Kobold Quarterly #20 and build an elven archer, equip yourself with clever new arrows, and survive fey hunters and their hounds. You’ll also find Jeff Grubb discussing the lost elves of Midgard, an interview with Christina Stiles, a new Zobeck adventure, vile Derro ooze magic, AGE system specialties, 4E racial utility powers, and more. Heck, you might even want to subscribe so you don’t miss a single issue.

9 thoughts on “Free Issue of Kobold Quarterly Now Through Feb. 14”

  1. Yeah, it’s one of the Summer issues and lots of good stuff in there.

    I can’t possibly be objective about the Zobeck book, and I think it is totally wonderful. There’s just so much great stuff in that as well. You should totally pick it up! :D

  2. OMG! KQ 14 has art by Russ Nicholson!!?! Is this old art or new, is there more in other issues, and will there be more to come? Please?

    ( just dowloading Zobeck now…)

  3. @einherjar, the Russ Nicholson art is brand-new and was commissioned especially for this issue.

    Alas, no one but me seemed to care, so…. It’s the only piece he has done for us to date. Maybe it’s time to ask for another one for the Spring 2012 issue?

  4. More Russ Nicholson, and if John Blanche is still doing illos him too! Those guys totally brought UK RPG’s and boardgames to life back in the day(Talisman anyone?).

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