Free Dice Running Low

Free Dice Running Low

We’ve been giving away dice at a steady clip (ok, ok, they’re disappearing faster than I thought), and we’re down to the last 100-some sets. This is by far the biggest promotion we’ve ever done, literally thousands of dollars of dice shipped to subscribers.

Take advantage of it today just by subscribing to either the PDF or print+PDF version of the magazine, get a year of great gaming material including columns by Monte Cook and Skip Williams, plus the free dice. You literally can’t lose.

There’s no catch, just a great deal here. But time’s running out, and when the dice are gone, they’re GONE! Subscribe today.

7 thoughts on “Free Dice Running Low”

  1. Samuel Anderson

    I have been trying to get a set of dice and would love to have a set sent to me if I can.
    3860 SW 178th Ave #3
    Beaverton, OR 97007-1303


  2. Samuel, would love to send them to you! Your name isn’t on the list, though. You need to subscribe to either the PDF or print+PDF edition of the magazine, and the dice are free.

    The PDF edition, BTW, is cheaper than the dice retail for… It’s a great deal.

  3. Mark Arvidson

    Free dice? Always a draw.
    Now, can I get that deal if I extend a current subscription?

    And how did you like the slime?


  4. Depends on which slime you mean.?

    For the free dice, I’m afraid it’s for gift subscriptions, adopt-a-soldier subs, and new subs only.

    It’s part of a subscription drive, I’m afraid, so we can’t offer it for renewals.

  5. There’s still a few sets left. I think we’ll run out in the couple weeks, depending.

    I’ll definitely announce it here when we do run out, and remove the Free Dice subscriptions from the Store.

  6. I don’t see Free Dice subscriptions in the store, but neither have I seen an announcement about running out. What gives?

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