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Expanded Battle Scion Now Available

Expanded Battle Scion Now Available

New Paths - Battle ScionFor years, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game fans have lamented the absence of an ‘arcane paladin’ type of class – one with full base attack bonus, limited spell access (to arcane spells instead of divine) and a small set of interesting, flavorful special abilities.

Lament no longer! The Expanded Battle Scion is just such a class!

Designer Marc Radle builds on his battle scion class to create the combat caster you’ve been craving. The Expanded Battle Scion includes:

  • Force Blaster and Bonded Scion archetypes
  • 5 new feats including Awakened Arcane Bond, which imbues your arcane
  • bond object with intelligence and will
  • A Prepared Spell Tracking Sheet, usable by any prepared spell caster
  • New rules for legendary magic items, and 3 new items: the legendary shield, sword and armor of the first battle scion

If you dream of scattering your enemies with a powerful force attack before finishing them off with lethal bladework, New Paths 4: The Expanded Battle Scion is for you! Get it at Paizo or DriveThruRPG today.

10 thoughts on “Expanded Battle Scion Now Available”

  1. Is there a link to the article where the class first appeared? I guessing there is one, since this is the “expanded version”.

  2. Looks interesting and I’m always open to magus alternatives. What I’d really like to see though is a class (or archetype) that combines martial prowess with bardic performance. There are several bard archetypes that dump performance for other things like thief skills or martial prowess, but I’ve yet to find one that dumps the spells instead.

  3. What Todd S said, something along the lines of the old 2nd Ed Blade Kit would really make my day….and make it easier to convert a old character of mine over to 3rd

  4. Morgan Boehringer

    Wow! Rockin’ cover on this one!!! Love that pose and chain’d sword.

    Glad to see this hit daylight… Can’t wait to see the White Necromancer.

    Nice work Marc…

  5. I have not picked this up yet, though I intend to. It looks interesting, though not really my cup o’ tea so to speak. I like that picture though.

    Still looking forward to the Geomancer.

    -Nick Z

  6. Hey, thanks everyone!

    I’m REALLY excited about this one and I hope everyone digs it!

    The nice thing about this one is there is plenty for everyone, even if you don’t end up playing a Battle Scion. The feats and magic items can be used by just about anyone and the prepared spell tracking sheet is of use to wizards, clerics and pretty much any other prepared spell caster :)

    @ Morgan Boehringer – the White Necromancer is coming! In fact, I turned in the final manuscript just last week … wait to folks check out the Grave Bound archetype :)

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