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Dungeon Tables: Tavern Generator

Dungeon Tables: Tavern Generator

Porky Pine by Chris McFann

The tavern is a staple of games everywhere, but creating new and interesting ones can be tiring, especially if your PCs travel from town to town often! Our Tavern Generator will provide tables for not only naming your tavern but also for fleshing out your tavern keeper, food, drinks, and attributes unique to each establishment. Whether the PCs are only passing through or this becomes their new home base, this provides all the elements needed to keep things interesting!

Tavern Name Generator (Roll Twice)

1d20Name Part OneName Part Two
1The SpicyBoar
2The GiantOwlbear
3The SleepyHammer
4The CozyWineskin
5The PinkCookpot
6The BlackCockatrice
7The CuriousSpoon
8The BloatedCask
9The HolyCellar
10The PittedNightingale
11The GoldenUnicorn
12The PaleImp
13The PetrifiedMushroom
14The HollowApple
15The KeenKnife
16The HornedBed
17The LonelyMask
18The FeatheredCloche
19The MurkyHyacinth
20The TranscendentBeetle

Tavern Attribute

1There are two stone wells out back. One well is filled with water. The other is filled with liquid moonlight.
2At 2:02 p.m. every day, a rat runs across the floor. It can be caught and killed. The next day, a rat appears, running the exact same route. No one ever sees where it comes from.
3Folks who sleep in Room 2 always wake up missing one sock.
4The beams of the walls and ceiling grow branches that blossom with fragrant yellow flowers on the spring solstice.
5The cask of red wine behind the bar never needs refilling.
6In the evenings, a snowy owl perches in the rafters. On occasion, it will swoop down and deposit one of its feathers in front of a chosen patron, and it will bites the hand of anyone else who tries to take it. The feather is a feather token.
7Every once in a while, one of the knots in the wood walls opens and reveals an eye. The eye watches for a while before closing again and returning to normal wood. It is never the same knot and never the same eye.
8The reflection in the mirror at the top of the stairs doesn’t match what’s on this side of it.
9Folks sleeping on the second floor occasionally hear footsteps, pacing across the ceiling above them. There is no third floor.
10A huge, majestic tree grows outside the front door. Its crinkled leaves grow pure white, and it grows deep-crimson fruit the size of a fist on the full moon. Locals say that a unicorn died in that spot and the tree grew from its corpse.

Tavern Keeper Quirk

1Likes animals more than people.
2Studied for years to be a wizard but never mastered any spells other than mage hand and prestidigitation.
3Viscerally despises the color purple.
4Keeps a rather robust collection of romance novels in their private quarters. Most of them are signed.
5Actively avoids using words over two syllables long.
6Keeps a “lucky” mummified white dragon foot hidden behind the bar.
7Has two identical siblings with nearly identical names. They take joy from confusing new patrons.
8Used to perform at a traveling circus. Is still a moderately talented sword swallower and fire juggler. Knows how to energize a crowd.
9Is a wicked card sharp.
10Automatically knows exactly how much coin is being tossed on a table by the sound alone.
11Keeps a pet mouse hidden in their pocket.
12Has a closet dedicated entirely to their collection of capes and cloaks.

Food and Drink

1d10Food/Drink NameFood/Drink Description
1White Dragon StewA mix of wild mushrooms sauteed with shallots served in a cream broth and topped with chopped mandrake.
2Baba Yaga’s BrewMulled red wine topped with a floater of grain alcohol and served on fire.
3Fathomless DepthsSquid ink pasta with kelp and quipper rounds.
4Dark Forest StroganovHearty dumplings with wild boar meatballs and a thick brown sauce.
5Spotted CowVanilla milk, served cold or hot, with a swirl of spiced tea and spoonful of tapioca pearls.
6Cluck and a PeckA small baked hen, stuffed with seasoned grits, polenta, or other milled grain.
7Roasted Fire BeetleA giant fire beetle roasted in its own juices. Served with clarified butter.
8Birds on a BranchA skewer of five juvenile stirges, slow cooked over an open flame. Served over a bed of seasonal vegetables.
9Bilge Rat’s BileA mug of warm brown ale mixed with a shot of whiskey and egg whites. A guaranteed hangover cure!
10Cavuy Pot PieRich, fatty rodent meat cooked in a savory pastry crust with root vegetables and a thick gravy.



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