The Defenders of Midgard coverThe next edition of Dungeons & Dragons is on the horizon, and players have more options than ever to get their tabletop fantasy fix. It’s in this spirit that we present The Defenders of Midgard, available at DriveThruRPG and Paizo, with 7 outstanding new themes — and lots of other crunchy D&D goodness — made possible by the generous patrons of the Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition.

Lead designer Brian Liberge says,

“The options in this book showcase what makes Midgard unique and fun for players. We focused on granting options that can be of use immediately, so almost everything is for the heroic tier of play. With this in hand, you can craft a Midgard player character who stands out from the PCs of any other setting.”

4th Edition D&D players now have a toychest that offers more options and new powers well-suited to adventures in a Dark World of Deep Magic. Read more about what’s included after the jump:

The 24-page, full-color sourcebook includes:

  • 7 new themes for 4e D&D: Clockwork Mage, Corsair, Emissary, Midgard Elementalist, Pantheist Priest, Planewalker, and Siege Mage
  • Gearforged Racial Powers, plus new builds and options that work especially well in the Midgard Campaign Setting
  • New Backgrounds
  • 2 new Schools of Magic (Clockwork Magic and Glyph Magic)
  • New Midgard gear, designed for easy adaptation to a homebrew campaign or another published setting

Designers Richard Green and Brian Liberge have really pulled out the stops for this one. Pick up The Defenders of Midgard at DriveThruRPG and Paizo!

More Midgard madness for 4th Edition D&D:

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