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Deep Magic: Druid Spells Preview

Deep Magic: Druid Spells Preview

Deep Magic - Mountain DruidWhen conversation turns to magic and spells, we at Kobold Press understand that sorcerers and wizards are the first classes that pop into many Pathfinder players’ minds. The goal of Deep Magic, though, is to outfit every spellcasting class with a host of new magic options that are imaginative, highly useful, and just plain cool—including new spells of every level.  In short, we want to help players create any kind of caster they can imagine as well as provide them with new, unexpected sparks of inspiration.

Take the druid, for example. Although the class revolves around the core concept of allying with beasts and manipulating nature, there’s a lot of room for these primal guardians to use appropriately flavored spells to take their heroic exploits to new heights.

Below are Deep Magic’s 177 druid spells by level. For more details, check out the book when it’s available this spring!

0-Level Druid Spellscleansing ray, drink deep from Mimir’s well, hovering gleam, puff of smoke, snowball, tan hide, thunderclap

1st-Level Druid Spells—aspect of the dolphin, aspect of the four winds, circle of wind, douse, fate denied, fate revealed, feed the forest (can be cast at levels 1-9), fire under the tongue, flurry, freeze potion, gliding step, goat’s hoof charm, hearth charm, leaf spray, locate water, maggots, natural horror, not so fast, Porevit’s mantle, riptide, snap the leash, veil companion, Volund’s instant pillar, Volund’s vengeful grasp, wingspan, withered sight, wolfsong

2nd-Level Druid Spellsarchway of ants, boulder toss, call of earth and stone, caustic blood, chaotic vitality, conjure energy arrows, converse with drake, crustacean carapace, detect dragons, defy depth, doom of the cracked shield, doom of sundering, elemental surge, heartstrike, furious hooves, mountain goat’s grit, point the way, razor maw, reverberate, reverse industry, sculpted servant, shed the rain, slice the air, slime form, snowblind stare, spirit guide, greater veil companion, vicious spikes, view the past, watery sphere

3rd-Level Druid Spellsanimal contagion, armor of the mountains, barnacle armor, blinding scales, crushing trample, doom of serpent coils, fire claws, ghostly arrow, glacial wind, heavy chains, hunter’s intuition, inflict doom, jellied resilience, lesser ooze touch, liquefy air, liquid form, mother stone, phantom dragon, potency of the pack, rain of fangs, raven’s revocation, rimy nimbus, St. Al-Passor’s stone piton, St. Brigantia’s rally, St. Carnessa’s wicker man, St. Ravovik’s hind mind, sea of fire, seeker’s arrow, shape water, spell suppression, tame drake, thunder arrow, thunderbolt, tunneling swarm, greater Volund’s instant pillar, Volund’s rending grasp, waters of eternity, wind arrow, wresting wind

4th-Level Druid Spellsaspect of the ram, avenge the pain, baneweapon, blood spoor, breathlessness, brittling, conjure giant eagle, elemental boost, ensnare ley line, find treasure, freezing fog, Freya’s instant ballista, gecko’s grip, intensifying force, ironsides, mighty gale, ooze shape I, pollen cloud, river of moonlight, sacrificial waves, St. Mirolch’s water snakes, share insight, shed the elements, skinchange, snow boulder, spirit of the Illyrian ram, summon venomous swarm, Yarila’s bounty

5th-Level Druid Spellsbones of the earth, burrowing boost, coin swarm, diabolical temper, doom of the earthen maw, dragonskin, earth wave, elemental conversion, faerie ring, fiery blood, fireburst, fly true, Freya’s dead forest rage, geyser of the dragon turtle, healing bequest, lightning rod, liquefaction, mountain stride, nova, ooze touch, St. Carreult’s swap, St. Parvalas’s risen road, starfire fury, steal breath weapon, wall of water

6th-Level Druid Spellsanimate water, astrological charting, calm the waves, mass chaotic vitality, elemental burst, fault line, hunter’s shot, jeweled bolt, ley hail, ooze shape II, red dragonfly swarm, shrieking flock, storm form

7th-Level Druid Spellsfiery sandstorm, triumph of ice

8th-Level Druid Spellscontagion of rust, mask of the pharaoh, tidal wave

9th-Level Druid Spellsocean’s army, one with the cosmos, sink land

(Art by Bryan Syme)

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