Collection of Curiosities: Roadside Shrine Offerings

Collection of Curiosities: Roadside Shrine Offerings

Josephus Augustus KnipThe offerings at the roadside shrine can contain interesting items. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. A round, red fruit (or vegetable?) of a kind you’ve never seen before rests in a gold bowl.
  2. Someone has littered the shrine with the carcasses of boggarts.
  3. Floating bubbles surround the shrine. If a bubble is popped, a voice grants unto you a new quest.
  4. Skulls decorated in colorful paints cover the shrine. The eye sockets of each skull have bells attached to them, which chime gently in each passing breeze.
  5. You see a cat slink around behind the shrine. No, wait, it’s a dog. Or was it a chicken? It keeps popping into sight just within your line of sight, but it’s a different animal each time.
  6. Someone left a wide array of pies and cookies at this shrine. They are fresh.
  7. Torn sheets of parchment are stuck to every surface of the shrine. The words look as if they are from ancient writings.
  8. The entire shrine is covered with snails. A note in the offering bowl says, “You are as slimy as the trails that these snails leave behind them, you buffoonish oaf. Never do that thing you did the other day again.” It’s signed by another deity.
  9. Tiny little dragons are hiding amid the shrine. They look humbled and somewhat afraid.
  10. A wide range of medicinal and ritual herbs are arrayed on flat surfaces of the shrine.
  11. A single glass of water rests on the shrine. A note under it reads: “Drink this to become the vessel of this shrine’s deity…for a time.” You’re not sure which deity this shrine belongs to, however.
  12. A single slip of paper is stuck to the shrine with some sap, and it reads: “Fortunately for you, you learn from your mistakes. And today, you will have much to learn!” [Each time the adventurers look at the slip of paper, it should have some other fortune-cookie-like saying on it. Have some ready, or find an online generator that works for you!]

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