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Under the City: Vault of the Mad Mage

Among the various circles of treasure hunters, rumors speak of a dungeon built beneath mazes of streets and aqueducts, of a trove right under the noses of everyday citizens. According to legend, it was built by the former adventurer Zeres who elected to turn the tables on future generations of thrill-seekers and plunderers with his own tomb. None have returned from the dungeon alive (or successful enough to warrant a story), but as always, that...

Under the City: Salon of Higher Studies

An arcane college offers endless opportunities to its students with its centuries of intellect suffused into its foundation and fortifying an arsenal of knowledge. But unlike most universities, this arcane college houses information not only above ground but also below in the depths of the under-city in a parallel institution with more sinister intent. The most salient differences between those who study within the college and those below it...

Under the City: Sewers

Under the City presents opportunities to add new layers to your urban adventuring… Canneries, chamber pots, knacker yards, latrines, slaughterhouses, and tanneries—all that waste has to go somewhere. The resulting foulness is captured, transported, and processed by urban sewage systems that vary in design and complexity. Individual structures, both domestic and commercial, likely rely upon a moveable outhouse latrine centered over a simple pit....

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