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Rogue’s Gallery: Namazzi Akullo

A Blade Among Books. Namazzi’s parents were certain their youngest child would be a renowned parchment-maker as every member of each of their families had been for generations. Their certainty evaporated when their young daughter began running through the home battling imaginary fiends while brandishing a wooden serving spoon as though it was a sword.

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Rogue’s Gallery: Galdvyr Steadystone

Hunter of the Damned. During his many northern crossings, Galdvyr has successfully led numerous expeditions through encounters with its many dangers, such as giants, werewolves, and fey. None of those creatures bedevil him as much as the walking dead though. Galdvyr despises vampires in particular, viewing them as unnatural parasites. He has a dream of

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Rogue’s Gallery: Wraithstrider

Living Shadow. While seeking an end to their indenture, Wraithstrider’s dreams were haunted by an unknown being of liquid darkness. The thing offered them power and freedom from the Master’s chains in exchange for the completion of an occasional task. Now Wraithstrider haunts the mountain’s environs doing what they’re good at: making people feel safe

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Rogue’s Gallery: Ga’rok Tok, Warlord of the Wastes

Unable and uninterested in controlling his baser urges since his transformation, Ga’rok has betrayed his employees often enough that no one trusts him anymore. What were once just rumors that enhanced his reputation as a dangerous warrior are now taken at face value as a warning to stay away. Ga’rok has never been particularly well-liked,

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