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Kobold Guide to Game Design at WIRED

The Origins Award nominated Kobold Guide to Game Design gets a writeup over at the WIRED blogs. Here’s what they’re saying: So, you want to break into RPG writing? Or maybe you just want to write better adventures for your players. Could be you aren’t a roleplayer and just love the worldbuilding aspect of writing …

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RPG Countdown

Kobold Quarterly 10 is making a lot of people’s lists, all of a sudden. It made it onto the RPG Countdown (a podcast covering the most popular items over at RPGNow). It’s #6 on the Paizo bestselling games list, and it’s also #6 on the DriveThruRPG list of Hottest Small Press. Yeah, we’re small press …

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KOBOLD Nominated for ORIGINS Award

I love surprises, especially ones like this: the KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Volume 1, has been nominated for an ORIGINS Award. As this comes out of left field, I am especially delighted. Details on the Origins Award site. Wow! If you haven’t read it yet, what’s stopping you?

Monte Cook Reviews Kobold Quarterly

A few words from Mr. Malhavoc about what he likes about the magazine (including one surprising element), and what elements he thinks could still improve. Monte reviews issues #6 and #7 in particular. I’m somewhere between delighted and ecstatic. And um, subscriptions are available here.

Monday Monster: Skinned Tom

Etowah, TN (WKQ News): Investigators from the Tennessee State Police are investigating yet another brutal murder in the isolated area known to local youth as Lover’s Lane. As in the previous three cases over past two months, the woman was stabbed once in the abdomen, while the male was gruesomely skinned alive. Police aren’t releasing …

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Enter the Kobold

Dragon Magazine, the long-time resource for D&D players, folded last September after an amazing 359-issue run. Dungeon Adventures ceased publication at the same time, Pyramid has been all electronic for awhile, and White Wolf Magazine and Inphobia are distant memories. Is the era of the paper gaming magazine all gone?

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