Cult Activity

Cult Activity: Elemental Undead

While most appreciate the work of Siwal’s gravebinders, few trust them. Despite the strict laws governing the interactions of undead creatures and mortals within the Necropolis, many believe that a person can’t help but become corrupted by constant exposure to the magicks of the dead. And as new and unusual forms of undead creatures proliferate, …

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Bemmean Wizard

Cult Activity: The Toys of Hariq al-Naar

The name Hariq al-Naar is likely a pseudonym. Many sorcerers have claimed to be the famous trickster and fire aficionado, but none could quite manage to match all of the pyromancer’s accomplishments. Whomever al-Naar truly is or was, their name lives on amongst the people of the Southlands through the myriad inventions and magical devices …

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Cult Activity: Cabalists and Heralds

The core rules provide options for cultists and cult leaders but few options for other members of an occult organization. In particular, those who have sworn pacts to gain magical power are sorely underrepresented. Warlock NPCs This article presents two new NPCs to help develop and fill out the membership and leadership of a profane …

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