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Theurge Class – 13th Age Compatible

The theurge is one of the most popular classes in our New Paths Compendium for Pathfinder RPG.  Now, Ryven Cedrylle offers this distinctive class for your 13th Age roleplaying game… Theurge Wizards cast spells. Clerics utter prayers. Sorcerers draw on their magical bloodlines and druids draw on the power of nature. You do none of these things, or perhaps all of them. For you, magic is simply magic, regardless of from whence it arises. ...

New Paths: Ranger Talents for 13th Age

The New Paths Compendium contains a number of new, exciting options for Pathfinder players looking to expand on the traditional class molds. As it turns out, a number of options in the Compendium are also useful for 13th Age players after a bit of translation. Let’s start by giving the Ranger some new Talents to expand her suite of abilities. Animal Empathy You gain a free +5 Background called “Wild Empath.” Consider renaming it to something...

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