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Articles By Author - Matthew Corley

Tales of the Old Margreve: Baba Yaga

“The Margreve came before such recent inventions as gods and spells and names and language.” (Baba Yaga) The stories and legends of the Old Margreve invariably turn their attention to Grandmother—or Baba Yaga. The denizens of the forest often feel Baba Yaga’s eyes upon them while they travel under the canopy. Sages, scholars, and madmen discuss her connection with the forest, its connection with her. In their squabbles, they agree on only one...

Rogue’s Gallery: Ga’rok Tok, Warlord of the Wastes

Unable and uninterested in controlling his baser urges since his transformation, Ga’rok has betrayed his employees often enough that no one trusts him anymore. What were once just rumors that enhanced his reputation as a dangerous warrior are now taken at face value as a warning to stay away. Ga’rok has never been particularly well-liked, but there was a grudging respect for his prowess and ability to get most of his clients to...

Random Encounters: Out of the Rain (Part 2)

The rhymester banshee is a stark reminder that, should the gods see fit to bless you with talents and abilities greater than those around you, it would be wise to develop and use those gifts to accomplish great things—and even elven beauty can be a curse to those that squander it. The blessings of the muses must also be appreciated and shared. Before their transformation into undead creatures, rhymester banshees were bards of great talent and...

Random Encounters: Out of the Rain

Banshees are the product of elves that have squandered their natural gifts and upon death paid the ultimate price, eternal undeath. Not all Banshees were merely maidens. Some were entertainers and the skills that they learned while living remain, albeit twisted, after their transformation into a banshee. The rhymester banshee’s bardic abilities and arcane skills make it a deadly foe. The encounter is intended for a party of 6th- to 8th-level...

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