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The creature scampers down its web toward you, far more nimble than a thing the size of a cow has any right to be. As it moves, however, it becomes clear that this isn’t a spider—spiders don’t have venom-dripping stingers on their back. Duergar bear responsibility for the creation of this ill-tempered amalgam. More specifically, …

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Tar Fiend

The hulking black creature, ever so vaguely humanoid in shape, rises from the tar pit. Its small eyes glow red, its body covered with all manner of items—tree limbs, leaves, carcasses of small animals, and even a few weapons. The incorrectly named tar fiend—for it is an elemental, not a fiend—lives in tar pits. It …

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The Hunter of the Cursed

Kobold Quarterly Bonus Material! You may already own Kobold Quarterly #11, but you’re not done getting additional content for it! Today, to accompany his “Howling Werebeasts” article on lycanthropes, the inestimable John Ling presents a brand-new prestige class. Werewolves, your days are numbered, for the hunter of the cursed is on your trail! Gald moved …

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