Articles By Author - Denver Edwards

Lost Magic: Eldritch Epiphany

Another element of lost magic came our way, this time from Denver Edwards. This one has more of a metamagic element to it, which you might embrace in your game as is or soften through the use of more story elements. If you’re the GM, ask the player to describe how the caster’s knowledge of this ancient lore plays out in the mind’s eye during casting, for example, which can help you build more lush world detail into your game,...

King of the Monsters 3 Finalist: Spymoth

It is time to return to Monster Island and see which five of the creatures remain standing. Our judges have poked, prodded, and challenged each monster adversary, and now we have the fourth of the five available for you, the voting public, to look over and determine if its creator is worthy of the crown! Take a look at the Spymoth, which is presented to you in its unedited format. SPYMOTH                                                  CR 1/2...

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