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Articles By Author - David Dolph

Monster Mondays: Anima

Anima are raw emotions given tangible form. Unfortunately for those encountering this creature, the strongest emotions can come at the time of death. Fear, pain, and despair are some of these passions turned into monstrosities. Some among society know the secrets of pulling the power of emotions from a dying person; the time when emotions can be at their highest peak. An even smaller subset of these individuals even know how to manipulate the...

Gleam Shard

Gleam shards are small splinters of the massive crystal found at the blurred edge between the Abyss and raw chaos. They are 3-ft.-long crystalline structures that shift their coloration every few seconds, hurting the eyes of witnesses as they do so. They are content to serve and die for other beings, as long as it brings chaos. Gleam Shard Lore Arcana DC 10: The gleam shard is similar to chaos shards. They are a newly discovered member of that...

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