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Articles By Author - Bayley Gillier

Artificer: Arcane Weaver

The arcane weaver—a new 5e subclass—uses mechanical expertise and arcane reinforcement to create deadly threads of magic and fiber that are spun from a pair of reels on fine-tuned gauntlets. The power of magic woven into threads is a powerful weapon and armor in the right hands. A cloaked drow rests against an alley wall, watching the procession move through town. His fingers move ever so slightly, pulling the reflections of silvered threads....

Warlock Pact: Interplanar Imperator

An Interplanar Imperator is a being beyond that of a god—a cosmic aspect holding the power of the multiverse in their grasp. Imperators grant power to their agents, granting strength to bring planes under one banner as they are brought into the Imperium’s embrace or encouraging instead the sowing of chaos, to prepare for easier conquest. Extended Spell List 1st—Command, Compelled Duel 3rd—Calm Emotions, Magic Weapon 5th—Clairvoyance,...

Shades of Magic: Tools of the Arcane Weave

Tools of the Arcane Weave Weaving magic into reality is not so far removed from the deftly crafted threads and patterns of masterwork garment makers. A handful of artificers can turn reinforced threads into conduits of arcane energy, and the faithful install their divinity into their works to bring a small portion of their deities to the Material Plane. Here you will find just a few items from the craft of arcane weaving. Cape of Comfort...

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