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Elven Archer

Combine brutal archery skills with a classic elven heritage using the expanded elven archer class! This in-depth book provides all the class skills, archetypes, spells, and equipment necessary to turn your elven archer into an enemy-hunting, bull’s eye-striking legend. Want a twist on the concept? Roll up a halfling slingmaster, a dwarven crossbowyer, or a mystic archer. Details for each are found within these pages, as well as: 

  • Six new feats—use them to drain enemies’ lifeblood, hamstring a target, or even shoot a foe’s weapon right from its hand.
  • A convenient tracking sheet to record all your special arrows and bolts.
  • New wondrous items, including a quiver that provides an endless supply of ammunition.
  • 20 new spells that can create energy arrows, imbue ammunition with animal spirits, slay a foe with one shot, and much more!
  • New options for rangers and druids, including many new spells!

Your aim is true! Get the Expanded Archer today at the Paizo Store!

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