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50 landmarks to populate your hexcrawl campaign map

50 landmarks to populate your hexcrawl campaign map

When you’re creating a hexcrawl, one of the central tenets of the exercise is to put a landmark in each hex. It’s something PCs don’t have to hunt for, and they can come across it pretty easily. When players talk about a hex later, they’ll probably remember it by whatever landmark is in it, and they’ll orient themselves on the map by them.

Thinking up an interesting, appropriate landmark for even a 10×10 hexcrawl still requires you to come up with 100 landmarks! Many of them will be cities or other havens that you wanted on the map anyway. But that still leaves a lot of blanks.

You’ll have a bunch of your own ideas. But if you run out of steam, consult the Fifty Landmarks table here for new ideas or inspiration. Pick one you like or roll a d50 to let fate decide (roll percentile dice and divide by 2 if you don’t have a d50).

Hexcrawls are an awesome way to play D&D or Tales of the Valiant RPG.
Check out Book of Hexcrawl, Part 1 to learn all the basics for starting your own hexcrawl!

Fifty Landmarks

1Abandoned temple to a good god
2Abandoned temple to an evil god
3Colossus statue of some creature on the encounter list for this hex
4Massively tall tree, sticking far above the canopy
5Floating palace in the sky
6Obelisk with strange carvings on it
7Earthworks in the shape of an arcane symbol
8Inn operated by fey
9Extensive barrows
10An elephant graveyard of a monster type besides elephants
11Dwarven fort, occupied by a skeleton crew of dwarves
12Gorge or deep ravine
13Burning cenotaph
14Tall iron spire, rusting
15Overgrown mansion
16Desertified section of land
17Crystalline growths
18Ancient arena
19Decorative grotto
20Ranger lodge
21Shrine to a forgotten god
22Enormous gauntlet
23Lake with half-sunken buildings in it
24Lost city
25Thick webbing between large items and objects
26Volcano caldera
27Ancient stone bridge (troll guardian optional)
28Inactive magical portal frame
29Burned out village
30Hidden valley
31Sacred grove
32Ghost town
33Hanging gardens on a cliffside
34Abandoned mine
35Sphinx statue
36Goblin camp
37Treetop village
38Topiary garden
39Line of megaliths pointing in a direction
40Large cold spot, snows occasionally
41Remains of a battle
42Wizard’s tower
43Roosting site for giant birds
44Headwaters for a hidden spring
45Monk monastery and training grounds
46Remains of a golem workshop
47Large crater
48Petrified giant
49Curiously well developed path across the hex
50Majestic waterfall

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