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Tuesday Traps: Trapped Items

Tuesday Traps: Trapped Items

Doors, rooms and corridors need not be the only trapped things in an adventure. Likewise, curses need not be the only dangerous thing attached to items. Traps have their place here as well.

The following items can find their way into PC’s possession in the usual ways. An evil merchant agent of the primary villain could sell them to the party, or a malefactor wishing death and dismemberment on the party could presented the item. The items could be planted within a dungeon or keep with the intention of someone taking the item and using it. No matter how the PCs come across the items, using them guarantees a deadly encounter.

As mundane items only the most paranoid of adventurers would ever suspect the danger they hold. [More…]

Slip Rope
Wound and woven in such a way that it will ultimately fail and unravel when a certain weight is applied, this fine silk rope is a bane to any adventurer. Any trigger weight can be applied to this item during construction. The slip rope is not terrible dangerous when used to climb out of a second story window, but if placed near a cliff or chasm, the item’s lethality increases dramatically.

Slip Rope CR 2
mechanical; Search DC 20; Disable Device DC 22
Trigger timed; Reset no reset
Effect never miss; Special three rounds after this rope is used for climbing and the target applies more than 75 lbs of weight to the rope it unravels and falls apart, dropping the victim from whatever height the climber is at the time the rope breaks.
Cost 5,800 gp

Exploding Lantern

This well-constructed glass and brass lantern hides a deadly secrets. The exploding lantern operates like any hooded or bull’s eye lantern, but after one hour of continuous use, the lantern overheats and ignites in a fiery blast, burning everyone nearby. This lantern works best in cramped dungeon corridors or in a location near other flammable or explosive materials (such as an alchemist’s laboratory) so it can spark a secondary explosion.

Exploding Lantern CR 3
mechanical; Search DC 20; Disable Device DC 22

Trigger timed; Reset no reset
Effect multiple targets, all within 10 ft. radius, DC 22 Reflex avoids; 4d6 fire damage Special one hour after lighting this lantern it explodes
Cost 7,500 gp

Needle Boots
Crafted from finely tooled leather and decorated with rare dyes, these boots look as they would serve an adventurer well. They are masterwork quality, and enhanced with a magic aura spell to encourage the assumption that they are magical. Since a spellcaster can thwart this ruse with a well placed identify spell, the boots decorated with images that suggest an intended magical ability, such as small wings, images of grasshoppers, or racing cheetah spots. Since the poison needs to injure the wearer, these boots may have the needles made of cold iron, adamantine or silver to overcome damage reduction.

Needle Boots CR 4
mechanical; Search DC 24; Disable Device DC 22

Trigger touch; Reset no reset
Effect Atk +18 (1d2 plus poison, needle); poison (shadow essence, DC 17 Fortitude resists, 1 Str/2d6 Str) Special putting the boots on triggers the attack. In addition, these boots have magic aura cast on them registering a strong transmutation aura.
Cost 14,400 gp

Spyglass Dart
This extremely lethal trap has found its way into magician’s labs, regal palaces and military keeps throughout the world, normally as a gilded gift from a surreptitious enemy. Due to its complex nature and normally high cost, few people know the inner workings of a spyglass, and detecting the trap is difficult. Adding to its danger is the pinpointed target of the dart – the delicate eye. You could also rule that the spyglass can blind the victim.

Spyglass Dart CR 7
mechanical; Search DC 24; Disable Device DC 24

Trigger touch; Reset repair
Effect Atk +19 ranged (1d4 plus poison, dart); poison (deathblade poison, DC 20 Fortitude resists, 1d6 Con/2d6 Con) Special This trap triggers when the user places the spyglass against their eye.
Cost 42,000 gp

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