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Thanks to Deep Magic 1 and 2 Playtesters!

Thanks to Deep Magic 1 and 2 Playtesters!

The Kobold Press twin spell extravaganzas, Deep Magic 1 and the new Deep Magic 2, are now in the wild. Maybe you have your copy already! If not, you can get it here.

Kobold Press is grateful to the hundreds playtesters who contributed their insights and reports to making these books stronger and more fun to play! Their names and gaming groups are listed below.

Playtesters by Group

Adventure Bros Andrew, GM; DC, French, Dave, Dom, Chris, and Jeff

Andy’s Merry Band of Misfits Andy Teague, GM; Cory Swope, Clay Kennerk, Clark Collins, Subrina Teague, Jake Smarker, Bethany Smarker, Dan Gardner, Rebecca

Ayres/Watson game Dorien, GM; Erik, Ashley, Pat, Jesse

Black Cats Ken, GM; Ian, Jason, Josh, Richard

Breakfast Club Brett Fisk, GM; Captain Josh


Burks Boys Hunter Burks, Levi Burks, Courage Burks, Hudson Burks

Caveat Emptor Malcolm Hazel, GM; Elizabeth Hazel, Angie Wellington, Jeff Hazel, Scott Stevens, Ellen Paige

Collegium Apprentices Tim Baker, GM; Robert Baker, Chris Fransioli, Ashten Fransioli, Rhiannon Pullin, Tristan C.

Cryptid Club Samuel Birkner, Chris Szponar, King Greyson, E Coughlin

Dice&Cider MikeOrrhizal, Amy Ogden

DiceMonkey Gaming Group

Donuts jheiner, Banana Man, claypigeons, CivilizedStorm

Dungeon Delvers, Inc Bret Jordan, GM; Troy Gallier, Michael Hicks, Brandi HIcks, Willie Lee, Heath Tietjens

Dungeons & Dummies

Dungeons and Donuts jheiner, Banana Man, claypigeons, CivilizedStorm, Holy Warrior, Soulquest, Murabi

Dunkle Schwärze Michaela, GM; Taranis, Anakis, Flinch, Drokar

Fate Academia Nick Parker, Jake Hatcher

Free range pumpkins Zak, GM; Ethan, Tralyn, Ash, Oliver, Lakin, and Chris


Grace, the cheerleader bard

Guilded Boys Elliot Davis, Keith Clarke, Josh Dib, Collin McClutchy, Bobby Sciacca

Heroes of Phanadlin Geordie, BJ, Stacey, Jim, James, Erin Xach

House Dar Kholte Victor “Jako Dar” Morris, GM; Brian Klueppel, Charles Sullivan, Chris Stowe, Christy Morris, Darrell Parnass, Naomi Peden

Keith Marshall

Kringle’s Helpers Tim Baker, Chris Fransioli, Ashten Fransioli, Rhiannon Pullin


LCMGP Rev. Brian O. Bennett, Sarah Maenner, Elise Hoffman

Michael Berube and Michael Walters

Monday Night Mayhem EJ Boston, Maxwell Christy, Justin Erwine, Matt, James, Michelle

Moonlight Marauders Andrew McDaniel, GM; Jim G.,Thad O., Charles S., Jim W.

Musgraves Manor Zman, DM-Z; PurpleFlyy (Mrs-Z), Alt-F4 (Kid-Z), Elizabeth (BiZ)

N/A Robbie Ann Cunningham, GM; Eddy Doering, Bob Fields, Ian Wize, Richard M. Kates, Unnamed Member

Nate Laleman

Negromaestro Games Remi Fayomi, Pete, Rachael, Simon, Tim

Neverwinter Knights “DM Dane,” GM; Anonymous

Nexus-7 Mateo, GM; Sky, Mike, and Ed

No Group name Deena Jamison, GM; Josh, Ben, Rae, Pippa

Noff’s Nuts Patrick Seymour, Karen Savage-Seymour, Suzanne Landin, Brody Landin

Outsiders Against Orcus Christopher Sabol, GM; Rachel Sabol, Megan Hicks, Erick Chacon, Evan Natale, Zach Lane, CJ Franklin, Jake Salter, Emily Salter, Sarah Lovelady, Caya Collins

Parking Lot Club Alex Zerbinos, Deidre, Jamie, Dianna, Robert

Pie or Die Rosie, Alex, Kookie, Rhona, Will

RG’s Imaginary Friends Robert Glover, BonfireCurry, TheFolk, drolom

Ric’s Games Ghost00, GM; FireFly, Beau, Phattonie, Lorreke, Spiritus Lupus

Roll With Adventure DM Cas, GM; Alli, Corey, Emmy, Dev, Daniel

Silver Talons Morgan, GM; Ken, Ryan, Mark

Tabula Rasa Good King Enialb, GM; Leshka, Fallen

Tavern Tusslers Austin, Thad, Daegon, Phil, Aine

The Battle Dudes Richard A. Johnson, GM; Scott, Erika, Nora

The Black Gate John Colgan, GM; Brian O’Farrell, John Kealy & David O’Conner

The Darkchydes Rob, GM; Rich, Ali, Lily, Sam

The Fellowship Connor Macennis, GM; Randy Plungis, Myq LaSala, and Tina LaSala

The Game Chamber Emmanuel Guerrero, Claude Guillemette, Jake Detzler, John Venezia, Nathan Russell

The Good Old Days Old Grave, GM; Alibaba, Zoran, Chetaala, Ikari-Sen, Sloan, Fallyse, Firelight Mystic, Maester Messy

The Gregsman Devin Brugger, GM; Christina Brugger, Rachel Brugger, Andrew Cook, Phil Bloeman, Chaise Sheldon, Ryan Barker, William Floyd

The Old Gods

The Strangers Jenn, Andrea and Kathee

The Symes Party Sam, Jessica, Katie, Hannah, Alex

The Walsh/Koran Family Mike, GM; Ethan, Kieran, Caecilia, Karel, and Dave

The Wanderers Zarono, GM; Hummie, Kitsune, Aron

The Willy-Nilly’s Ian, Jim, James, Erin Xach, Stacey, BJ

The Word Jacob de Niese, GM; Ben W, Jim C, Jack I, Mitch L

Tomb Raiders Malcolm Hazel, GM; Elizabeth Hazel, Jeff Hazel, Angie Wellington, Grant Beattie

Unnamed Group Chris Matthews, DM; Amy Matosky and Rowan Matosky

Unnamed Group Christopher Sabol, GM; Rachel Sabol, Zach Lane, CJ Franklin, Blake Batchelor, Megan Hicks, Evan Natale, Jake Salter, Emily Salter, Sarah Lovelady, Erick Chacon, Caya Collins

Unnamed Group Eric Roth, Ben Snyder, Mike Gift, Joe Rhyder

Unnamed Group Alex Zerbinos, Dan, Diedre, Chris, Eli, Ruben

Unnamed Group Chris Matosky, GM; Amy Matosky, Rowan Matosky, and Aspen Matosky

Unnamed Group Deena Jamison, GM; Josh, Ben, Rae, Pippa

Unnamed Group DM-Z, Purple Flyy, Alt-F4, Biz

Unnamed Group Dragon of Peaking, Jenstream, Tofurkie, Mercuryrain, Axmew, Reven

Unnamed Group Ghost00 and HandsomeDick

Unnamed Group Joseph McWhorter, GM; David Brown

Unnamed Group Michael Chadd, GM; Tonia Ross, Joe Ross-Richard, Nirinjan Khalsa, Nick Dowdle, Sven Suba, Lakhmi Chand Khalsa, Abinashi Khalsa

Unnamed Group Michaela Erhart, GM; Taranis, Huffschnuff, Anakis, Drokar, Nirgendwo

Uprising DND Harry Tapp, GM; Carly Tapp, Justin Stanley, Amanda Mercer, Thomas Commerford, Lexy Stanley, Astrid Portner

WALDORFWINGBLADES Eric Benson, GM; Asa Benson, Emily Benson, Rex Lane, Finley Rhodes

Wednesday Night Gamers Bryan Lademann, GM, Rob Blodgett, Kevin Lademann, Lon Lademann, Candice Rakow and Jeff Rakow.

Weirdness and Wun-Shot CJ Casey, GM; Theurges: Cameron, Jason. Witch: Lisa. Rogue/ Warlock: Brian. Barbarian: Meggin


Weresharks Inc. Robert Glover, Dwel, Roon

Zanzarah Adventuring Group Ken Sexe, GM; Baylee, Adam, Aideen, and “Terran Jack”

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