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Seize the Tin Crown Entry: The Alley of Squeaks and Screams

Seize the Tin Crown Entry: The Alley of Squeaks and Screams

Squeaks and Screams!Over the past several days, we’ve been posting the entries we received for the Seize the Tin Crown contest. These will each be only lightly proofread so that you, our voting public, have a chance to judge them based on your own criteria. After we post the last of the entries, we’ll be calling for you all to vote. The winner will seize the tin crown! Oh, the power!

Some locations scare kobolds. Find out why.

The Alley of Squeaks and Screams

Deep within Zobeck’s kobold ghetto an alley lies abandoned. The first few incidents taught the kobolds to shun it, and half-hearted attempts to board up the alleys entrances keeps most of the ghetto’s visitors safe.

1. South Entrance

Between two derelict and sagging buildings a narrow alley stretches forth. Deep shadows obscure most details, but you can make out some patches of grass and weeds in the brighter parts. Two mouldering wooden planks form a 1-ft. high, x-shaped barrier.

Succeeding on a DC 15 Perception check reveals a Draconic rune etched into the stone wall of the eastern building at a height of roughly 3 ft. The rune indicates danger.

2. Trapsmith’s Trauma (CR 3)

Patches of odd-colored moss muffles the sounds of the ghetto as you venture deeper into the alley.

Trapsmith’s Trauma     CR 3

XP 800

LN haunt (6 connecting squares); persistent

Caster Level 3rd

Notice Perception DC 18 (soft humming suddenly turns into violent shrieking)

hp 13; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 week

Effect When this haunt is triggered, a shadowy kobold-shaped apparition skulks away from the trigger location toward 3. There it will reset the trap (if needed) as an unseen servant before returning along the path it took. At the halfway point, the apparition will claw at unseen opponents before crumbling onto the alley’s floor.

Destruction Destroying the trap at 3 destroys the haunt.

3. Snaring Chain and Hanged Man’s Horror (CR 7)

Caught between various buildings, this tiny courtyard is overgrown with weeds. A very narrow alleyway connects to the courtyard on the eastern side.

Succeeding on a DC 18 Perception check uncovers the scattered bones of a Medium-sized, bipedal creature. Succeeding on a DC 15 Heal check reveals that the bones are marred by hundreds of tiny incisions.

Craftily hidden in one of the surrounding walls, the snaring chain trap awaits. Once triggered, a length of chain wraps around a target’s leg or arm and violently yanks the target 10 ft. into the air. If caught, a DC 25 Escape Artist check allows the target to break free of the snaring chain; this results in a 10-ft. fall. Regardless of the snaring chain traps success, its activation triggers the hanged man’s horror haunt.

Snaring Chain Trap     CR 5

Type mechanical; Perception DC 29; Disable Device DC 20


Trigger visual (arcane eye); Reset manual

Effect snaring chain (2d6) (DC 25 Reflex save avoids)

Effect 10 ft. fall (1d6)

Hanged Man’s Horror     CR 5

XP 1,600

CE haunt (20 ft. radius);

Caster Level 5th

Notice Perception DC 20 (groaned agony turns into fearful shouting)

hp 10; Trigger special; Reset 1 day

Effect This haunt only triggers when the snaring chain trap has triggered. A shadowy form will coalesce around the chain, then a tide of tiny forms will flow into the courtyard, scale the courtyards walls and descend upon the helpless victim of the snaring chain. All targets in the haunted area are affected by an unholy blight effect (DC 16 Will save partial).

Destruction Finding and burying the bones of the victim destroys the haunt.

4. Squeaky Squeeze (CR 2)

A kobold-sized alleyway stretches eastwards for a few yards before turning northwards.

Medium creatures need to squeeze through the alley suffering –4 penalty to AC and attacks. Rounding the corner of the alley brings the PCs to a large, rat-infested den. Beyond the den a small flight of steps leads to a door. The door is locked (Disable Device DC 25) and boarded shut on the inside (break DC 30). If the PCs manage to break through, they will enter the workshop of a very perturbed kobold alchemist. However, they need to deal with the advanced rat swarm first.

Advanced Rat Swarm (CR 2)

hp 22 (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 232)


Morale The swarm will fight until destroyed and will chase the PCs to the borders of their domain (southern or northern entrance).

5. Northern Entrance (CR 2)

The alley’s northern entrance is boarded up by stout wooden planks to a height of 6 ft. A large rune is painted on the planks.

The Draconic rune indicates danger. Treat the barrier as a good wooden door (15 hp, hardness 5, break DC 18). It can be scaled by succeeding on a DC 15 Climb check. Destroying the barrier draws the ire of nearby kobolds who demand compensation. Giving the kobolds 10 gp settles things. Succeeding on a DC 15 Diplomacy or Intimidation check lowers the amount to 5 gp.

Kobolds (8) (CR 1/4)

hp 4 (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 163)


During Combat The kobolds fight defensively and try to flank opponents.

Morale A destroyed barrier is not worth dying for; the kobolds will flee if one of them dies.

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5 thoughts on “Seize the Tin Crown Entry: The Alley of Squeaks and Screams”

  1. Nice work Maurice, and good to see a more complex entry. The little touches (patches of grass, runes at 3′) make it all the more real…

  2. The CR starts off low, builds toward the CR7, but sadly falls off for the lowly swarm encounter. I was left wanting to know more about the kobold alchemist. I was also disappointed the Sneaky Squeeze, which leads to his lair, was not concealed. But the presentation and layout is very well thought out and gives the players an interesting series of challenges.

  3. Thanks everyone! I ran into the wordcount limit so the swarm isn’t as vicious as I could have made it, but the squeezing rules should make things awkward for the first PC to find the den.

    Give me a vote and some extra wordcount and I can tell you all about the kobold alchemist :-)

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