Kobold Quarterly #12Kobold Quarterly #12 is now available.

KQ is proud to ring in the new year with a brand new issue. Time to warm yourself in front of a warm, crackling computer screen reading about the game you love. (And the print version has been released from its cage , too. It should be tearing up mailboxes and retailers right about…)

Digital subscribers can download the pdf from their account page in the KQ.com store, and print subscribers will receive copies in just a few days.

“Just what is it I’m getting in this issue?” I hear you asking.

Well, this issue brings you…

  • Ecology of the Froghemoth
  • 4E Shadow Fey of the Winter Court
  • New Pathfinder RPG core classes, including a variant monk
  • Enslaved elves
  • Real ninjas
  • and 6 New Lords of the Abyss!

Plus all the greatness you’ve come to expect: GM advice from Monte Cook on game balance, tricksy new traps for use in combat, new details of the Zobeck setting, original relics and reliquaries, and a dragon’s lair completely mapped and ready for play. Kobold Quarterly is never dull, and it offers practical, useful material that you can bring to your table.

Buy Kobold Quarterly #12 today (in pdf or print), enjoy a better game tonight!

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