Iron GM, TotalCon 2012, and Open Design

Iron GM, TotalCon 2012, and Open Design

This year at TotalCon 2012, winners of the Iron GM Regional Semi-Final earned some awesome prizes from Open Design. Take a look at their reactions in the video posted beyond the jump!

If you want to find out about more opportunities for fun gaming experiences, you can learn more about Iron GM (the competition) and TotalCon (the convention location that held the Iron GM Regional Semi-Final) at their respective websites. It looks like everyone had a great time, and you can certainly plan to join in on future events!

Click on this link if you’re having problems seeing the embedded video: RPG Designers – The Next Generation (Open Design wows all at Totalcon’s 2012 Iron GM Regional Semi-Final)

12 thoughts on “Iron GM, TotalCon 2012, and Open Design”

  1. Not sure if it’s a browser thing (using Chrome), but the video auto downloads every single time I come to the home page. I image it was meant to be embedded.

  2. The lovechild of a traffic cone and PT Barnum is Lou Agresta, the guy with the book is IronGM Nik Palmer, The guy with the sunglasses looks like Joshua AC Newman, and I’m not sure who the young lady is.

    I’ll come challenge you at TotalCon next year, sir. This year I had deadlines, next year, you’re in for it. ;)


  3. Upon closer inspection, I think the man on the left is actually Rone Barton (the Jade), which makes sense, since he’s one of the MCs with Lou. :D


  4. So, we still don’t know who the mystery young lady is?

    Was she actually there in physical form when the photo was taken? This isn’t one of those ‘ghost captured in a photograph’ kind of things, is it???

  5. That was one of our Iron GM models, Madeline Lee.

    That shot wasn’t choreographed. I just said “Everyone kick at the camera!” and bang… just like that. :)

  6. Tee Hee! Yes, the kick shot was spontaneous and turned out really nicely.

    Thanks all for the opportunity to run a great game.

    I’ve been digging into the KQ Design book and am enjoying it muchly!

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