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One of the adventures in Six Arabian Nights, the current Open Design project, is called “The Sand Pirates,” and it features a fantastic half-efreet pirate captain and his crew, cursed monstrosities beneath the dunes, and a few other twists and turns. As a preview, check out the free download of Captain Asad Al Nar, the Lion of Fire, containing stats, tactics, and stunning art!

The project itself contains the City of Siwal (a setting for the mini-campaign), plus adventures covering levels 5 to 10. The adventures include:

  • Oasis of the Blood Moon,
  • Cult of the Howling God,
  • The Gravebinder’s Daughter,
  • The Sand Pirates,
  • Bottled Desire,
  • and Wishbound!

The authors include the designers of the original Arabian Adventures sourcebook, Jeff Grubb, plus Al-Qadim sourcebook designers David “Zeb” Cook and Wolfgang Baur, and newcomers Joshua Stevens and Clay Fleischer.

To get your copy of Arabian Nights, support the project today with a $25 donation. As a limited edition, the price will go up on January 31st, and the run may sell out entirely.

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