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All Those 5-Star Reviews Can’t Be Wrong

All Those 5-Star Reviews Can’t Be Wrong

Thumbs UpYep, we’re as stunned as you are, but the quality is there and the reviewers are calling it as they see it: we’ve gotten five 5-star reviews in a row!

How did we do it? Sigfried Trent took all the feedback to the original Advanced Feats series, added some tweaks and compilation elements (like a single, unified, 7-page feats table!), and made the Complete Advanced Feats the best feats book ever.

But don’t believe us—click and see what the reviewers say:


If you didn’t get the earlier class-by-class products, this is a better work to go for: even if you did the value of the compilation outweighs the sneaking feeling that you’ve already paid for this material!

Read the whole review at the Paizo Store.


Having banged on about a compilation for some time, now it’s here, I’m glad to see some extra work went into it’s assembly and that the layout is inspired by the best rather than going back a step. Sigfried and the team have provided a companion volume to Paizo’s APG that compliments the new core classes admirably.

Read the complete review at Fame & Fortune blog.


If you’re playing Pathfinder using the Advanced Players Guide, you’ll want this. It hit at just the right time for me, as one of my groups is just about to start a campaign using the APG (I’m playing an Alchemist, my wife Katie an Oracle; other players are using variants for Cleric and Fighter).It’s going to be used as a core book for at least that campaign, if not all the Pathfinder campaigns I plan to play in and run in the future.

Read the complete review by Uncle Bear Berin Kinsman.


You cannot have too many feats, right? If they are all of the quality of the ones in this collection, then, yes, you can always use more. This collection is worthwhile for the feats alone, but the advice for playing the new base classes from the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide is quite useful too.

Read the complete review at Sea of Stars.


My favorite part of the book is all of the commentary, both on the feats and in the sidebars. People looking to transition to professional game design should own this book.

Read the whole review at the Paizo Store.

You can pick up Complete Advanced Feats in PDF at the Kobold Store, or grab the print and get the PDF for free. And of course, we’d love to see your review here, there, or elsewhere!

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